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If you are interested in studying at the Eller College of Management, you must first apply for admission to the University of Arizona. Find application deadlines, download an application, view FAQs and more at the UA Admissions website.

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Eller First Year Students Direct Admission

First Year Direct Admission is a program designed to recognize domestic high school students for their academic achievement and encourage them to excel in their academics and Pre-Business Foundation courses while at The University of Arizona.

Students are identified at the point of admission to The University of Arizona and are part of this program beginning their first year. More information will be shared at the point of admission to The University of Arizona and throughout the semesters leading up to the students application for Professional Admissions. This is not the only way to be accepted into the upper-division professional programs. Students who are not admitted as First Year Students Direct Admit can talk to their advisor about the general application process. 

For students applying for a start before summer 2023, you can qualify for this program by achieving:

  Fall 2018-Fall 2020 Fall 2021 & fall 2022
Unweighted high school GPA* 3.8 3.8
SAT or ACT 1260/26 N/A
Cumulative GPA Required at Professional Admission 3.0 3.25
Foundation GPA Required at Professional Admission 3.0 3.0

* The high school GPA calculation is based on the following required core academic courses:

  • English (4 units/years)
  • Math (4 units/years)
  • Laboratory sciences (3 units/years)
  • Social sciences (2 units/years)
  • Second language (2 units/years)
  • Either fine arts or career and technical education (1 unit/year)

Students who meet the above criteria will be guaranteed Professional Admission to the Eller College. Although admission to the Eller College is guaranteed for First Year Direct Admission applicants, each student is still expected to meet all stated deadlines and requirements throughout the Professional Admission process. First Year Student Direct applicants will participate in a customized interview experience. Please note that first choice of major is not a guarantee for First Year Direct Admission students. First Year Direct Admission will be changing beginning with students starting the university in summer 2023 or later. More information will be posted soon.

Any questions concerning eligibility for First Year Student Direct Admission should be directed to Stephanie Hanson, Assistant Director of Pre-Professional Academic Advising, at

Pre-Professional Academic Communities for Excellence (PACE)

PACE is a first year experience for Eller Pre-Professional Majors (Pre-Business and Pre-Economics) living in identified living-learning communities in UA dorms. Within their PACE  community, students are enrolled at their first year student orientation into common sections of core classes, such as MIS 111. Students are able to easily create meaningful academic relationships and social learning opportunities with their pre-professional peers.

You can apply to live on the same floor with other Pre-Professional majors in three different Residence Halls for the 2022-2023 academic year: Villa del Puente, Coronado and Manzanita-Mohave. Students who apply to live in our living-learning communities take an additional leadership course together in the Fall semester. 

PACE Theme Community Application

Features of PACE for Students

All first year pre-professional students within PACE theme communities have the benefit of these programs:

Professional Academic Advising is easily accessible, even in the dorms, at peak times of the year or for group advising at students' requests.  

You will be enrolled in courses with peers in your theme community so that you can get to know and work with other pre-professional students early on.

Advisor: Stephanie Hanson, Assistant Director of Pre-Professional Academic Advising, Eller Undergraduate Programs