Arizona Economic Indicators

Arizona Economic Indicators


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Data Sources

The Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program at the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides measures of labor force, employment and unemployment by geography.  It is a monthly survey of persons living in a particular area, in this case the State of Arizona, and yields information regarding the employment status of people living in  that area. It is often referred to as the "Household Survey." This data is different from our source for information on employment by industrial sector in the second part of the above table. The statistics for employment by industrial sector is from the Current Employment Survey, also from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.  This monthly survey contacts business establishments in a particular area and asks them about their employment levels.  This survey yields information about the number of payroll jobs at businesses located in a certain geography, in this case Arizona. These are two of the most important sources of information on employment and unemployment in the United States.  However, they are quite different.