New Account and Computer Setup

Getting a new University Computer Account
You can setup your UA NetID (for accessing a variety of university services) by clicking here.

Learn about setting up other university accounts at the following sites:

Getting your UA UITS Accounts Setup
UA UITS Unix Computing Accounts and Information

UA UITS Wireless Network Information

Getting Your Computer Added to the Eller College Network
If you recently purchased a new computer, or have brought a computer (or laptop) from home to use in the finance department, you should be able to access internet and email by simply plugging your computer in to the network (via ethernet cable).

If you will be using your computer in the office frequently or permanently, however, and you want to access Eller college network drives and other resources such as the departmental network printer, you will need to have your computer added to the Eller College Active Directory.

The official process for a computer to be added to the active directory along with more information can be requested from Eller IT Support by sending an email request to Eller IT Support. If you decide to send an email request, be sure to include:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your exact location in the finance department
  3. In the subject line, put "Active Directory Addition"
  4. The exact name of your computer (How can this be found? Right click on "My Computer">>properties>>Computer Name tab>>and look at value next to "Full Computer Name")
  5. Your relation to the Finance Department
  6. Request that a person from Eller IT assist you in adding your computer to the active directory.

After you submit your request, a Eller IT technician will contact you or stop by (normally within 1 or 2 business days) to get your computer set up. After the technician gets your computer setup for accessing the Eller College Network, the Data Czar can help you gain access to the departmental printer and common network (S:) drive. If you have any difficulties during this process or if you need assistance, contact the Data Czar.