Online Undergraduate Admissions


A high quality experience in all of Eller’s undergraduate majors begins with committed, talented and motivated students.

This is the purpose of a selective admissions process. Eller Online Undergraduate professional admission applications are accepted on a rolling basis so that students can begin upper-division coursework in our Business Administration or Accounting major in the fall, spring or summer semesters.

** Due to course curriculum, students interested in the online Accounting major are strongly recommended to apply with a Spring or Summer start date to ensure the quickest path to graduation. Starting the upper division in the Fall will cause a graduation delay for Accounting majors.  

In order to be eligible for the Online Business majors, applicants must earn professional admissions by the following these steps:

If you haven't already been admitted to Arizona Online or the University of Arizona, please submit your application here.

All newly admitted Arizona Online students are accepted into the Pre-Business major.

Newly admitted pre-business majors are required to complete an online orientation process through the Next Steps Center. During this self-paced online orientation you will learn more about the university, campus resources, Eller curriculum requirements, involvement and professional development opportunities and be shown how to make your first advising appointment. Upon completion of the orientation, you will choose an appointment time to meet individually with an Eller academic advisor (in person, via telephone or via Zoom) to review any previous coursework and register in the appropriate courses. You will not be permitted to register for classes until you complete the mandatory orientation and meet with the Eller Online academic advising staff.

Students who have not yet been accepted into the professional program through Professional Admissions will enter Eller as pre-business major. As a pre-business student you will work on general education requirements and business foundation coursework. We encourage continuing pre-business students to work closely with your Eller Online advisor to plan for the eligibility requirements needed to apply for Professional Admissions.

NOTE: Some newly admitted transfer students may be eligible for Professional Admissions at the time of being admitted into Arizona Online if they have already completed Eller's prerequisite coursework or an Associate's of Business (ABUS) degree and meet the other admissions requirements.

In order to be eligible to apply for Professional Admission to the Eller College of Management, you must meet the following requirements:

  • GPA Requirement: Have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 on 12 or more completed, graded UA units. If fewer than 12 UA units have been completed, a transfer GPA will be calculated using all attempted coursework from all transfer institutions previously attended.  
  • Foundation Coursework Requirement: You must be complete or in progress with the necessary pre-business foundation prerequisite coursework. When calculating the foundation GPA, all graded attempts at foundation courses are considered. All foundation courses must be successfully completed by the end of the regular semester in which a student applies. Students who do not pass a foundation course that was in progress during the semester in which they applied will lose their Professional Admission and need to re-apply in a future term. 
  • Unit Requirement: Have completed a minimum of 42 units of work acceptable to the University of Arizona, and be on track to complete 54 credits by the end of the semester in which applying.
  • Good Academic Standing: Students must be in good academic standing (UA GPA of 2.0 or higher) at the UA in order to be eligible to start the cohort. Students may not start the upper-division cohort on Academic Probation (UA GPA) 

Once you have confirmed your eligibility for Professional Admissions, please submit your electronic application through eSMS.

For additional guidance about the Eller Online Professional Admissions process, please see the 

or contact Heather Martin, online major success coach.

Please note: A one-time $55 application fee will be assessed to your UA Bursar's account when you begin your first semester in the upper-division.

Semester Classes Begin Application Deadline
Spring Mid-January January 1
Summer Mid-May

May 1

Fall Late August August 1

After submitting your professional admissions application in eSMS you will be directed to make a mandatory advising appointment with your  Success Coach/Academic Advisor. You may choose to complete this appointment in-person, via telephone or via Zoom. 

During this appointment our team will confirm your eligibility, calculate your GPAs, review your performance in the business prerequisite courses, review your university academic requirements beyond the major, schedule you for the Professional Admissions virtual interview and discuss the orientation/skills assessment exam.

Once you complete your mandatory advising appointment, you will receive an email with your personalized interview portal/link. You will have seven days to complete your virtual interview. 

In preparation for the Eller Online Professional Admissions virtual interview, applicants are required to submit their resume and a cover letter into eSMS. Applicants are also required to review an ethics case study that will be discussed during the interview. The ethics case can be found in the Eller Online Professional Admissions packet.

Acceptance into the Eller College of Management is conditional for all admitted applicants, pending:

  • Successful completion of all remaining foundation course requirements before the start of your Eller Online classes
  • Achieving a score of 75 percent or higher (15/20) on the Skills Assessment Exam, which is embedded into the Eller Online Bachelors Orientation.
  • Review of your academic integrity history through the Dean of Students Office
  • Maintaining Good Academic Standing at the University of Arizona with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above

In order to maintain your professional admissions status and fully transition into the upper-division major coursework, all newly admitted major students must complete the Eller Online Bachelors Orientation course through their D2L page. This mandatory orientation course is designed to help introduce you to the online course environment used by Eller Online faculty. It is also a way to meet your fellow classmates and learn about resources and expectations from the professional (upper-division, major) phase of the Eller Experience.

The Eller Online Orientation also incorporates the Skills Assessment exam that is required for all newly admitted Eller students who are transitioning to the upper-division. This prerequisite assessment helps us better understand your pre-business preparation and developing an appropriate plan for your success in Eller’s online courses. The Skills Assessment exam will be fully proctored online using our remote proctoring service, Examity (which is the same proctoring service used in all future Arizona Online courses). You must pass the Skills Assessment by earning a score of at least 15/20 (75 percent) at least 14 days before the start of your first term in the major.

If you do not earn 15/20 on your first proctored attempt at the exam, you will be required to complete a Supplemental Skills Review Tutorial that will include video lectures and additional practice problems organized by topic into mini-quizzes. You will have unlimited access to these review materials in order to reinforce and strengthen your skills in the core business areas. The tutorial is made up of five 4-question quizzes, organized by accounting and math subject sub-sections. You are required to review and re-test through the mini-quizzes until you can achieve a passing score (3/4 or 75 percent) on each sub-section. By earning at least 3/4 on each of the five quizzes then a student will achieve the minimum 15/20 score required for the Skills Assessment. Failure to complete the Supplemental Skills Review Tutorial by the deadline will result in administrative drop from your upper division major courses and deferment of your professional admissions to a later term. Plan accordingly to allow yourself adequate time for review and retesting, if needed.

The business subjects included on the Eller Skills Assessment/Review includes:

  • Accounting (60 percent):
    • Financial accounting assumptions & principles
    • The accounting cycle
    • The accounting equation, account types and the classified balance sheet
    • The Income Statement including retained earnings and dividends
    • Merchandising versus Service Operations and analyzing transactions
    • Recording Business Transactions I: Merchandising Operations/Accounting for Inventory
    • Recording Business Transactions II: Receivables and Bad Debt/Prepaid Expenses and Unearned Revenue
    • Recording Business Transactions III: Property, Plant and Equipment/Depreciation and Liabilities and Equity
    • The Statement of Cash Flows and ratio analysis
  • Business Math (40 percent):
    • Probability
    • Distributions/Statistics/Expected value
    • Solutions to linear equations
    • Time Value of Money:  Future value and present value

View Skills Assessment sample problems in PDF format.

Online Program Costs and Financial Aid

Eller’s Online program offers an exceptional value and need-based (FASFA) financial aid may defray costs for select students.

Estimated Program Cost

  • Tuition and Fees: approximately $26,880 ($560/unit for 48 units in the upper-division Business Administration major)** 
    • approximately $28,560 ($560/unit for 51 units in the upper-division Accounting major)**
  • Books and Course Materials: $2,000, average for the program

Fees subject to change; rates above estimated based on 2019-20 tuition charges.

** Assumes a student transfers into Arizona Online to complete the major with an Associate's of Business (ABUS) two-year degree from an Arizona community college. Additional coursework may be required to satisfy UA graduation requirements beyond the major, depending on a student's previous coursework.

Financial Aid

You may choose to take out a loan to pay for all or part of the costs of attendance. Eligibility for need-based grants, loans and scholarships is determined by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form available online at

Funds are limited, so have your FAFSA completed by March 1 of each academic year to receive priority processing.

For more information regarding financial aid, visit