Nomination for Eller Dean's Award for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence

The Dean's Award for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence is awarded every spring. These awards recognize faculty members who demonstrate excellence in teaching. Two $1000 awards are available every year.


Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Awards are open to all current faculty members and instructors teaching in the Undergraduate Program at the Eller College of Management. To be eligible, an innovation must have been used in a course or courses that the instructor or team has taught, or is currently teaching. 
Teaching Excellence Award Seeks to:

  • Increase student participation in the learning environment;
  • Reflect on pedagogical strategies to improve student competencies;
  • Evaluate the extent to which student academic success and learning has increased;
  • Implement learning-centered educational strategies;
  • Infuse curriculum with learner-centered technology;
  • Integrate course objectives across the business curriculum; or
  • Utilize multi-disciplinary team work

Nomination Process and Application Procedures

Every spring semester, department heads are asked to nominate their Dean's Award for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence candidate for the year or applications may be submitted by faculty members with the approval of their corresponding department head. The selection committee will consider student evaluations, assessment data, explanation of the innovation and resulting outcomes, department head recommendation letter and other supporting documents explaining the innovation. All instructors are eligible to apply. The selection committee includes the Dean, Vice Dean, and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs. 

Application Submission

Applications are due April 12th, 2019. 
Please submit the form below to complete your application. A letter of support from the department head and any other supporting documentation can be emailed to to Pam Perry. This letter and any additional documentation are optional. 

Applicants will be notified of decisions in the latter part of April.

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