Finance Internships

Finance Internships


The Finance Premier Internship Program (FPIP) is designed to provide high-quality finance internships that can be paired with academic experience for select undergraduate Finance majors. The combination of academic components with one unit of internship credit and practical financial work experience gives students the opportunity to relate this experience to their academic program.


Thank you to our internship sponsors for their ongoing support of the Department of Finance internship program. Your companies have sponsored junior and senior finance majors of the Eller College of Management for internships, with great success for your businesses and terrific opportunities for our students to apply the financial skills they are learning in the classroom. 

Spokesperson on Campus

One class or even a series of classes cannot meet the experiential learning objectives of our top finance students. The Eller College Department of Finance is pleased to offer you a way to recruit highly talented students and to assist them in their development. 

We are confident that by your participation in this program you will not only find the best and the brightest students, you will have your own spokesperson on campus.

Program Details

Sponsors can find more details about the program, expectations and forms at the following links:


The FPIP Program is designed to to pair your internship with academic experience. The academic components associated with your internship will give you the opportunity to reflect on your internship, the practical financial work experience gained and how this experience relates to your academic program. Students participating in the FPIP can receive 1 unit of internship credit.

Internship credit is rarely given for students currently employed. However, exceptions may be granted for special projects relevant to the field of study. Submit your request to the Finance Department with details on the project, sponsorship, etc. to request a review.

Program Details

Students can find details about the program, academic requirements and forms at the following links: