MIS Undergraduate Programs

MIS Undergraduate Programs

Why You Should Major in MIS at Eller

1. The Future of Business is Technology

Let’s face it – computers and technology are not going away. Technology is, and will continue to be, a part of everything we do. From communicating with customers and vendors, tracking sales, maximizing internal operating processes and providing new products – technology is the core component that helps bring all of these aspects together. Since technology is always changing, so will your MIS future career as opportunities will be exciting and evolving all the time. Learn more about MIS.

2. Learning from the Leaders in the Field 

Since pioneering one of the nation's first Management Information Systems (MIS) curriculums over 40 years ago, the MIS Department at the University of Arizona, Eller College of Management has helped to shape the future of information technologyWe have educated more than 5,000 students and have been ranked a top-5 program every year since 1989 when the rankings started. The combination of world-renowned faculty and our leadership in the field will enable you to leave college with a dynamic resume' ready and prepared for your career.

3. Outstanding Job Opportunities in a High Paying Field

New business management technologies and products are exploding as is the need for qualified MIS professionals. There will always be a need for MIS professionals who want to create new innovative ways to conduct business. The US Labor Department predicts that this field will have one of the largest growth rates over any other profession. You will have an advantage over others looking for a job, because you will have a degree from Eller and from a top-5 program. UA MIS students have a job placement rate of 95% within two months of graduation.

4. A Satisfying and Fun Job

People who excel in MIS are good problem solvers who like to work with people. They are creative and can think strategically. They can envision solutions to problems by using technology. They act as the communication link between people who build computers and people who use computers. They have high satisfaction in helping people and businesses figure out better ways to do things.

5. Exciting Undergraduate Involvement

MIS students have the opportunity to participate in fun MIS undergraduate programs such as the Zipperman Scholars and MISA events. Each of which offer endless opportunities to meet new people within Eller, interact with faculty, go on industry related tours, and learn more about the everyday applications of MIS.


Step One: Apply to the UA

If you are not currently a student at the University of Arizona, your first step is to apply to the University of Arizona. Please refer to the following sites to determine how to apply according to your circumstance.

How to Apply for Admission to the University of Arizona
Find application deadlines, download an application or apply online for admission to The University of Arizona.

Transferring into the Eller College of Management - Current UA Students
Schedule an advising appointment or attend a workshop to change your major to Pre-Business or Public Administration.

Step Two: Successfully Complete Eller College's "General and/or Foundation Courses"

Complete the required foundation courses as instructed by your advisor.

Step Three: Obtain Professional Admission

Once you are a pre-business student, your next step is to obtain Professional Admissions into Eller College. During the process of applying for Professional Admission, you will be advised on how to apply to the MIS, OM or MIS/OM majors.

Note: Students who have already obtained Professional Admission within the Eller College of Management and wish to apply to the MIS program should contact the MIS/OM Academic Advisor.

Advising Appointments

Please make decisions on your academic career only AFTER speaking to an advisor. All pre-business and lower division students obtain academic advising through the Undergraduate Programs office.

Undergraduate Programs Office 
McClelland Hall, Room 204

Until you are accepted by the Eller College and achieved professional admission, you are a "pre-business major" and you should work with the Pre-Business Advisors for help in understanding and fulfilling the admissions requirements.

Financial Aid/Expenses

The MIS department does not handle financial aid and/or scholarships directly. Please visit The University of Arizona's Financial Aid and Scholarship Office for more details on available financial aid.

Information on fees and expenses can be found at The University of Arizona's Bursar's Office website.