Marketing PhD Admissions

Marketing PhD Admissions


The entering class begins coursework in August

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of both the Graduate College and the Department of Marketing. Each application is reviewed by the PhD Admissions Committee.

For a complete overview of the Doctor of Philosophy, please see the UA Graduate Catalog.

Application Deadline

Application Deadline - January 1

  • All students will complete a graduate application through using GradApp. Please see below for required documents to complete your application.

Department of Marketing Admissions

  • Transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work including summer session work 
  • Recent GMAT/GRE scores recommended. If you have not yet received your official scores, we will accept an unofficial copy until the official one is sent to us.
  • Statement of Purpose (maximum: two single-spaced pages) including:
        1. Career objectives 
        2. Program expectations 
        3. Intended disciplinary concentration 
        4. Faculty members with whom you wish conduct research
  • Minimum three letters of recommendation ((preferably from academics but business or personal associates will be accepted. We do not require a specific form.)
  • Current resume 
  • TOFEL Scores (International Students)

Note: You should be able to upload these required documents to your application through GradApp. The Graduate College will need official copies of your transcripts on file. Your recommenders will be requested to submit a letter through GradApp.

Please mail your official transcripts to:

Graduate Admissions Office
The University of Arizona
PO Box 210066 
Tucson, AZ 85721-0066

Your application will not be reviewed until you have successfully completed your application through GradApp. Please contact us if you have any questions.

GMAT Dates and Locations

This test can be taken at any official testing location in the world, locally in Tucson it is offered at:

Pearson Professional Centers
5210 E. Williams Circle
Merrill Lynch Building, Ste. 722
Tucson, AZ  85711
UA Institution Code: 4832

Important Considerations for Admission

Superior Academic Record

A basic admissions requirement is an academic profile demonstrating a record of outstanding academic achievement. Emphasis is placed on upper-level undergraduate coursework, prior graduate-level performance and caliber of the educational institution, where these courses were undertaken. Although GMAT scores and grades are not the only criteria in admissions, they are important benchmarks.

Demonstrated Personal Maturity and Motivation

The applicant's record should demonstrate that he/she will devote the time and the intellectual effort necessary to excel in the program. Maturity and motivation are proven in a number of ways including:

  • Completion of a master's program with outstanding grades
  • Completion of a master's thesis that clearly demonstrates motivation, commitment and ability
  • An exemplary record of work experience and achievements in real-world settings.
  • Completion of an undergraduate program with outstanding grades, independent research experience, and clearly detailed professional goals concerning an academic career

Fit With the Department’s Educational and Professional Goals

The statement of objectives is particularly important for PhD applicants to the Marketing Department at The University of Arizona. This statement helps the committee understand your career goals and whether these goals are consistent with the program content as well as the program’s emphasis on training students who desire a career in academia. Applicants should have an understanding of the field of Marketing, and a conviction that they want to work in this field. The statement of objectives should discuss specific qualifications and experiences. In essence, what is it about you that will make you successful in our program?

Doctoral students work closely with individual faculty, and it is critical that you understand and are interested in their research. We strongly recommend that you read publications by several faculty members. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be advised by any faculty member that you mention, you should note in your statement if there are particular faculty whose research areas interest you. Most importantly, please note specifically why these faculty members’ research areas are of interest to you.

Your statement of objectives is important for us to determine that you are a good match for our program. The committee will use the personal statement to determine:

  • That the student has clear educational and professional goals that are consistent with the requirements and objectives of the doctoral program in Marketing
  • That the student has a clear grasp of the requirements of the program, most particularly, of the research emphasis
  • That the student will fit well with the research expertise of the faculty within the department
  • That the applicant has evaluated alternative programs and concluded that this program offers the necessary preparation to achieve the applicant's professional objective