PhD Minor in Marketing

PhD Minor in Marketing

Minors for Marketing PhD Students

Doctoral students tailor studies undertaken for their minor field within the following guidelines:

  • 12 units of study (four courses) in any department outside of Marketing
  • Field and courses chosen with advice and consent of the Graduate Advisor
  • Structure of the program determined by the minor advisor
  • Written exam or paper usually required following completion of coursework
  • Field should complement the major and enrich theoretical and methodological skill

Students may arrange to have an interdisciplinary minor with approval of the departments involved. The minor field(s) should be selected by the student in consultation with the Graduate Advisor. The choice should complement the special portion of the marketing concentration and should help enrich the student ís theoretical and/or methodological skills and perspectives in the special area of study. In some cases, courses required within the Basic Program Elements may be used to compose a special minor that meets a student's educational requirements. Students should consult with the Graduate Advisor regarding these options.

Suggested Minors for Marketing Ph.D. Students

Marketing Minor for Other Students

Whom to Contact

It has been the policy of the Marketing Department that all doctoral students from other departments who are interested in choosing Marketing as minor should go through the same channel. One marketing faculty member serves as the Marketing Minor Coordinator. He or she helps all the students go through the enrollment process, program requirements, arrange comprehensive exams and maintain record of each student’s progress for the Marketing Department. To help facilitate communications and maintain consistent standards, the Marketing Minor Coordinator is usually a member of the Marketing Doctoral Program Committee.

While not required, we also encourage the applicant to get connected with other marketing faculty members and find a person who has similar research interests.  Once the applicant is accepted into the program, the faculty member may function as the student’s marketing minor advisor to help the Marketing Minor Coordinator with procedural issues such as course selection and comprehensive exams and to work with the student on research or independent studies.

Enrollment Process

If a student decides that marketing is the minor program of interest, an application package should be sent to the Marketing Minor Coordinator. The package should include:

  • Transcript of previous courses (copy is acceptable)
  • GMAT or GRE score (copy is acceptable)
  • A one-page personal statement of purpose, qualification, and how a marketing minor fits with the major
  • One letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the major department

Course Requirements

Six doctoral-level seminars that cover substantive topics in Marketing are required. Each doctoral seminar is a half-a-semester 2 credit hour course. The student can choose the six courses from the following:


  • Foundation THEORY 1

  • Foundation THEORY 2



  • Foundation MODELSFoundation STRATEGY

  • Foundation METHOD/Constructs

  • Foundation METHOD/Experimental Design

  • Special Topics in Marketing (any other 600 level doctoral seminar that is offered)


The six doctoral seminars each worth 2 credits (12 units) is equivalent to three regular semester long courses. Alternatively, the student can also choose four courses (8 units) from the above list, and conduct a semester-long 3-credit Independent Study (MKTG 699) with any tenure track Marketing faculty member. The Independent Study must be research intensive and, upon finishing, receive satisfactory evaluation from the advisor.




  • The student must have an approved course plan when starting the marketing minor program. The course plan needs to be signed by the student, the Marketing Minor Coordinator, and if available, the student’s marketing minor advisor. A copy of the plan is to be kept with the Marketing Department. Necessary changes can be made during the program with the agreement of the student, the coordinator and the advisor.
  • The Marketing doctoral minor may take three or more semesters to complete. Students must understand this before committing to the minor.

Comprehensive Exam

Once the coursework has been completed (or within two weeks of completion), the student must take a written comprehensive exam. Typically, this exam will have two questions, with a total of 3-4 hours available to answer them. The exam will take place in the Marketing Department on a date that is agreed by the student and the Marketing Minor Coordinator.

The exam is normally scheduled so that two or more students can take it at the same time. It may also be scheduled on the same date when some marketing PhD students take their comprehensive exams. Each question will be graded by at least two faculty members. To pass the exam, the student must receive at least a Low Pass on both questions.

Other Information

Some important policies related doctoral minor program requirements can be found on the UA Graduate College website.

Doctoral Committee

Chair and Graduate Advisor
Professor Hope Schau

Marketing Minor Coordinator
Associate Professor Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh