Marketing PhD Placement

Marketing PhD Placement

Placements Last 10 Years




Ashok Kaliyamurthy Oregon State University Information Technologies and Ideologies
Liang Huang Tsinghua University Consumer Financial Decision Making
Jorge Daniel Martinez University of Texas - Arlington Activism in the Marketplace: Antecedents and Product Performance
Kristen Lane Columbia University When Friends Don't Care About Facts: Belonging Motivation Drives Untrustworthy Information Sharing
Tianyu Gu University of Utah Analyzing Unstructured Data for Marketing Insights
John Yi Le Moyne College When Personalization Backfires
Ignacio Luri-Rodriguez DePaul University Listening to the Market: Text Analysis Approaches to Consumer Research
Matthew Godfrey University of Massachusetts at Amherst Building Servicescape Culture: Examining Social Order, Spatial Change, and Consumer Experience
Richard Zhen Tang Loyola Marymount University Essays on Promoting Agent Productivity in Marketing Channels
Peng Wang Tianjin University Two Essays on Product and Pricing Innovation
Clark Cong Cao Lingman University Coping with Control Motivation by Collecting: How Desire for Control Motivates Systematic Acquisition Behavior in Collecting
Ainslie Schultz Providence College Embracing a Fresh Start: How Consumers Engage to Change Their Lives
Beth DuFault State University of New York at Albany And There Were Jazz Clubs...: Navigating Community Change with Consumption Lifelines
Shan Yu Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Money- Back Guarantee, Service Quality, and Productivity: The Marketing of In-Vitro Fertilization
Andre Maciel University of Nebraska-Lincoln The Role of Aestheticized Markets in Contemporary Formations of Social Class and Gender
Jameson Watts Willamette University Language Consistency and Exchange: Market Reactions to Change in the Distribution of Field-level Information
Kevin Newman Providence College The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts on the Moral Behavior of Consumers
Wilson Bastos Universidade Católica Portuguesa Can Purchases Make Us Happier? Perhaps, if We Tell Others about Them
Liang Zhao St. Ambrose University Strategic Firm Behavior in New Product Preannouncement
Jurui Zhang University of Massachusetts Social Learning in a World of Friends Versus Connected Strangers: A Theoretical Model with Experimental Evidence
Kellilynn Frias Gutierrez Texas Tech University Three Essays on Product Form Choice