Undergraduate Externships

Undergraduate Externships

What is an externship?

An externship is different from an internship; an externship is a shadowing experience, or conversation -- not a job. Externships can lead to internships through the knowledge gained and networking opportunities. Eller Externships provide you an opportunity to talk to and learn from Eller alumni and industry professionals. 

Students do not receive academic credit or pay for externships..

 Externships may be offered virtually OR in-person. Students are responsible for their own expenses and for arranging their own housing and transportation (if needed for in-person opportunities). When applying for externships, please pay attention to which modality is being offered. 

Externships allow you to:

  • Explore a career field and a typical day on the job
  • Experience the workplace up close and personal and see what work is really like while previewing a company and job
  • Learn how to apply your academic major through discussions with professionals who have a similar background
  • Assess your "fit" for a particular position or organization
  • Make career connections and strengthen your network
  • Add an "activity" to your resume

What are some activities involved in an externship?

Externship experiences vary. Some students spend the entire experience in one department, while others divide their time among different departments to get a broad overview. Some examples of what a student might do as an extern include:

  • Observing and networking, and talking with professionals
  • Taking a tour of the company’s facilities
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Sitting in on staff meetings
  • Reviewing company literature
  • In person externships are usually 1/2 day to a full-day and virtual externships are usually 30-60 minute virtual meetings.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Any Eller undergraduate student (includes Foundational Business Management, Foundational Ecoomics, BA Economics, and BSBA students)
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
  • Student must be in the location of the externship during time period provided, or be able to get to that location at the student's own expense if participating in-person
  • Interest in learning about the industry, company or job function of the externship

International Students (F-1 visa) are eligible for Eller Externships because they are not work experiences. For in-person experiences, you may be asked to visit with the International Student Services (“ISS”) offices to review the externship description and to sign a form saying that the externship is not employment and you will not be doing any work during your visit.  Final approval of the externship is conditional upon the ISS being satisfied that the externship is not employment.

How do I apply for an externship?

Winter Externships are now open! Apply today on Handshake:

  • Externships are available on Handshake.
  • Search jobs for "Eller Externships"

There is no guarantee on placement but we will do our best to match each student who applies based on interest and past experiences. Applying for multiple externships will improve your chances of being selected for an externship.

Tips to apply to Eller Externships:

Keep it simple! The Externship cover letter shouldn't take you long:
- Tell us which externship(s) you are interested in and why
- Indicate you priority for each externship you apply to
- You can upload the same document for each application


Dear Eller Staff,

I am interested in the following externships (in rank order listed below) to learn more about career opportunities, increase my professional network, and practice my interpersonal skills. Thank you for considering me.

#1 Walt Disney Co. – (brief reason why)
#2 Amazon (Events Mgmt) - (brief reason why)
#3 Honeywell - (brief reason why)
#4 Amazon (Corp Finance/ACCT) - (brief reason why)

Applications are accepted in November for winter externships and April for summer externships. Ask your Career Coach if you have any questions.

What do I do if selected for an externship?

  • Students will find out if they are selected for an externship via email
  • Selected students are required to attend a training session with a Career Coach
  • Students will be given the contact information for the externship host at the training session
  • Students will contact the host in advance of the externship to plan the details of your visit including:
    • Date and time of the externship
    • The schedule for the day
    • Parking
    • Dress code (professional, business casual, special requirements)
    • What to bring
    • Expectations
    • Any other information you would like to know or would like the host to know

Make sure to bring money for lunch and parking as there can be costs associated with your visit and the host is not expected to pay for your expenses.

How do I prepare for an externship?

  • Research the organization and the person before your externship
  • Prepare questions to ask during your visit and bring something to take notes
  • Remember this is not a job interview; use this time to ask questions, learn and observe
  • Follow up with a thank you note