Undergraduate Career Preparation Resources


Career preparation and development is one of the most important developmental processes in a student’s college experience.

Deciding on a career is a developmental process, marked by significant events and experiences. Employers want well-rounded students that enhance their in classroom education with key career-related experiences. Students should strive to fine tune their career goals carefully. Below is a "career planning timetable" (adapted from ACU Office of Career and Academic Development guidelines) to help students gauge where they need to be in their career planning and how they can achieve these goals.

First Year: Assessment

  • Visit the Eller Undergraduate Professional Development Center to explore career options.
  • Use self assessment tools to help identify your values, interests and abilities.
  • Participate in the centered career exploration workshop series–experiential track.
  • Explore academic disciplines and careers by talking with faculty and advisors, by taking introductory courses, and by attending programs to help you make a decision on your major.
  • Discuss possible academic and career goals with an academic advisor.
  • Use BNAD 100: The Language and Context of Business, to explore the functional areas of business and engage in the language and acumen of business.

Second Year: Exploration

  • Review, revise, reassess, reaffirm your values, interests, abilities and skills.
  • Attend UA Career Days, Career Showcase and other career development activities and events.
  • Join a campus organization related to a major.
  • Select a major; work with an advisor to develop and understand a degree plan.
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in the field.
  • Start developing your resume.
  • Consider internships or volunteer work related to major.
  • Consider whether study abroad will enhance your major.
  • Use BNAD 200: Career Management in Business, to help explore transferable skill development, majors and career goals.

Third Year: Focus

  • Discuss your degree plan and possible careers with your academic advisor.
  • Participate in the CENTERED career exploration workshop series–career track.
  • Attend UA Career Days, Career Showcase, and other career development activities and events.
  • Register with Career Services Connections Program to obtain information on internships and to be part of their resume referrals program
  • Consider internships, independent studies, volunteer work, community service and/or summer employment to supplement your major.
  • Begin to explore choices after graduation, i.e., employment, graduate study or alternatives.
  • Begin leadership role(s) in campus organization(s).
  • Start the application process for graduate or professional studies, if applicable.
  • Register for appropriate graduate entrance exams.
  • Reassess your values, interests, abilities and skills.
  • Update your resume.

Last Year: Implementation

  • Research possible companies and organizations for employment.
  • Note new values, interests, skills and abilities that you have developed.
  • Attend workshop(s) on writing a resume, interviewing, job searching and transitioning into the work world.
  • Refine and complete your resume.
  • Register with Career Services for assistance with developing job search strategies, on-campus interviews, job fairs, direct information about job openings, etc.
  • Attend UA Career Days and Eller College's Career Showcase, distributing your resume as appropriate.
  • Complete applications for graduate or professional school early in the year.
  • Take graduate entrance exams.
  • Attend Senior school to work transition workshop

Other Career Preparation Resources