Undergraduate Personal Branding

Undergraduate Personal Branding

In today's world, social media plays a crucial part in personal branding. Your brand is you. It is who you are and what you stand for, and using the tips below you can take steps in the right direction to strengthen your brand that is so crucial for your future as a business professional.


Managing your professional network on LinkedIn is crucial to branding. This gives you the chance to

  • Boast your full resume, even more than you can fit on a single sheet of paper
  • Build your profile to show any awards you have won, organizations you are a part of, along with positions and jobs you have held
  • Stay in touch with colleagues, discover new professional opportunities and keep up with the latest news

It is better to use a head shot as opposed to a full body picture when setting your profile picture.


For personal branding, the most important aspect is what you don't have as opposed to what you do have. Be smart when uploading photos; a good rule of thumb is to act as if your employer or future employer can see everything you post. Turing on timeline review can be helpful to avoid being tagged in unprofessional photos or posts. Check your privacy settings to make sure they are as desired and remember that a majority of companies will check Facebook before hiring. Always keep that in mind!


Similar to Facebook, try to avoid unprofessional tweets. Twitter is a great social media outlet that many companies and top level executives use thoroughly. Following companies you are interested in, news outlets and company executives can be very informative. When it comes to your own tweets, avoid religious and political topics, and stay away from overall strong points of view. Twitter's default settings do not protect your tweets, so change your settings if you would like privacy.


Instagram runs along the same lines of Facebook and Twitter. Be smart about what images and videos you post. It is a less popular social media outlet in terms of what companies monitor, but it is still smart to steer clear of unprofessional posts. Many organizations are starting to utilize Instagram for their own use, and following them can be a great way to stay up to date!


Pinterest is a great way to showcase your work and accomplishments in a creative way, especially if you are applying for a job in a creative field. It can allow you to paint a better picture of yourself for an employer to grasp prior to an interview.