SFI Industry Employment Track

Scholarship for Industry: Industry Employment Track

Program Summary

After five years of success producing highly-skilled cybersecurity professionals through the SFS program, industry partners expressed their need for graduates with the same information security skill-set. In order to meet this demand, the MIS department created the parallel Scholarship for Industry (SFI) track to train top-notch cybersecurity specialists. Though funding packages differ, this track mirrors the SFS program in terms of coursework and research requirements. Graduates of the SFI program, however, are not obligated to work for the government after graduation, allowing them to bring their skills to any sector they choose. 

Our AZSecure SFI program is a two-year, on-campus program. Through coursework in the UA’s MIS degree and electives in MIS, Computer Science (CS) and/or Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) departments as well as our online NSA-recognized Enterprise Security Certificate, scholarship students emerge with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the cybersecurity workforce. In addition to receiving a strong information security education, SFI students also participate in independent studies resulting in a Master's Paper or dissertation, other relevant publications, extra-curricular activities and internship and job placement support. 


Considerations for SFI admittance eligibility include the following:

Minimum Eligibility:

  • Citizenship: All SFI scholars must be U.S. citizens.
  • Academic Merit: The Scholarship Committee will examine applicants' grade point average (3.00 minimum), transcripts of previous coursework, relevant extracurricular activities and references.
  • Qualifications for the MIS MS/PhD Program: Successful applicants must have a bachelor's degree and meet the requirements on the MS MIS Admissions page. 

Additional Considerations:

  • Interest in Cybersecurity or Information Assurance: Students must demonstrate a strong interest in cybersecurity work through their interview, prior academic work and/or professional experience and activities.
  • Communication Skills: Through examination of applicants' written work, CV/resume and their interview, the Scholarship Committee will evaluate each student's verbal and written communication skills.

Funding and Benefits - SFI

  • All MIS MS or PhD tuition paid
    • MS students are responsible for the following annual Eller MS program fees: approximate mandatory fees $1,328; and program fees $11,500
  • Part-time paid Graduate Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant positions
  • Internship and job placement assistance (no government service requirement) 
  • World class faculty research mentorship
  • Total funding package valued at $53,532 (based on in-state tuition)