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The first 4 years of our program have seen tremendous success in the placement of our alumni in the public sector.

There has been 100% placement of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 cohorts and the same is expected of the 2017 graduating class. As of May 2017 we have graduated 16 Master's students and we currently have 10 Master’s students and 2 PhD students continuing or entering the program this fall.

In order to locate and apply for appropriate internships and post-graduation placements UA Scholarship for Service (SFS) students attend virtual and in person career fairs. These career fairs are dedicated solely to the SFS program and feature 40+ government agencies offering positions in cybersecurity. The MIS department and faculty mentors offer additional placement support including our Career Development Program Coordinator and the Graduate Coordinator.

Placement History

Placement Location # of students placed
Department of Commerce 1
Department of Defense (DOD) 2
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 1
MITRE operated FFRDCs 4
Other Government Agencies 2
Pima County IT (AZ) 1
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard 1
United States Department of Agriculture 1
University of Arizona Financial Services Office 1

Internship History

Placement Location # of students placed
Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center 1
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 3
Federal Reserve Board (various locations) 3
Freeport McMoran, Phoenix 1
Ft. Meade 2
National Geospatial-Intel Agency 1
Other Government Agencies 1
Pacific Northwest National Lab 2
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) 1
University of Arizona 4

Summer Internships and Post-Graduation Job Placement Support 

SFS students who have received scholarships are expected to secure a qualified summer cybersecurity internship and, following graduation, a full-time cybersecurity-related position. (Students who do not work for the government upon graduation will be required to refund the support.) These positions are encouraged to be in federal agencies, but may also be in state, local or tribal agencies. 

Many federal postings for permanent positions and some internship postings will appear on USAJobs; SFS students are encouraged to sign up for alerts. Positions in the intelligence community appear on as well as on the websites of individual agencies. Through the scholarship fund, SFS students will also attend the Virtual Career Fair and the regular Career Fair where they will meet with agency representatives looking to hire cybersecurity specialists.

The UA MIS department and the SFS scholarship fund also provide additional placement support to help SFS students find internships and positions that qualify for the scholarship requirements. Contact the MIS departmental Career Coordinator, Wendy Wienhoff at for any placement-related questions and assistance, including:

  • Resume reviews
  • Interview practice sessions
  • Federal application processes
  • Searching the website for relevant positions
  • Identifying and searching agency websites, especially for students interested in working for any of the Federally Funded Research & Development Centers (Sandia, MITRE, Pacifica Northwest National Laboratory, etc.) as they don't use USAJOBS.
  • Identifying State agencies that may have qualifying positions

Note that there is a significant amount of work involved in applying for government summer internships and full-time positions, and flexibility on where you are willing to live upon graduation is strongly recommended!

Below are additional resources for placement purposes.

Primary resource websites: 

Governmental agencies with cybersecurity initiatives and programs:

In addition to perusing USAJobs, some agencies provide information directly through their websites:

Need to keep up with government issues, current events, and lingo?  Try these: 

Outside certifications: