AZSecure Faculty and Staff


Principal Investigator and Director

Hsinchun Chen
Regent's Professor; Thomas R. Brown Chair of Management and Technology; Director, Artificial Intelligence Lab; Management Information Systems Department 
McClelland Hall 430

Program Administrator

Mark Patton 
Lecturer in MIS. Co-PI, Program Administrator, and Program Mentor; AZSecure Cybersecurity Program. 
McClelland 430JJ     

Program Coordinator

Riley McIsaac 
Program Coordinator, AZSecure Cybersecurity Program; Associate Director, Artificial Intelligence Lab. 
McClelland Hall 114D

Co-Principal Investigators 

Sue Brown
APS Professor of MIS; MIS Department Head
McClelland Hall 430Q

Salim Hariri
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Director, NSF Center for Autonomic Computing Laboratory (ACL); Co-PI, AZSecure Cybersecurity Program
ECE 459

Beichuan Zhang
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Gould-Simpson 723

Faculty Mentors

AZSecure Cybersecurity Program students have access to world-class faculty mentors, a truly unique opportunity for Master's students. Faculty mentors are matched and assigned based on a shared research interest with students. The AZSecure Program Administrator also serves as an important resource, offering curriculum advising and independent study research supervision. Students meet regularly with the Program Administrator for reviews of their progress, academic plan, and Independent Studies. In addition to this close interaction with faculty, senior PhD students from the AI Lab contribute to the mentorship of MS and junior PhD students. Student feedback on the AZSecure Cybersecurity Program consistently indicates that faculty mentorship in their independent research is the most valuable part of the program for them. Selected student research has appeared in major security conferences and journals, including IEEE ISI, HICSS, and JMIS.

Jesse Bockstedt: Associate Professor at Emory University, previously Associate Professor at University of Arizona. Research interests include behavioral economic issues in technology-mediated environments.

  • Stephen Dolan, 2016.
  • Ian Kaufer, 2016.
  • Brendan McDermott, 2016.
  • Ashley Ireson, 2017.

Laura Brandimarte: Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems. Research interests include privacy and behavioral economics.

  • Mathew Soares, 2018.

Sue Brown: MIS Department Head and MIS Professor. Research interests include implementation, adoption, and diffusion of information technology, computer-supported communication, knowledge-based systems and knowledge management and E-learning.

  • Ashley Ireson, 2017.

Hsinchun Chen: Regents' Professor of MIS; Thomas R. Brown Chair in Management and Technology; Director, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Research interests include cybersecurity, knowledge management and business intelligence, digital library and search engines, data mining, text mining, web mining security informatics.

  • Ryan Chinn, 2015.
  • Samantha Forbis, 2015.
  • Eric Gross, 2015.
  • Arthur Jicha, 2016.
  • Ryan Jicha, 2016.
  • Cyrus Afarin, 2017.
  • Malaka El, 2017.
  • John Grisham, 2017.
  • Emma McMahon, 2018.
  • Sagar Samtani, 2018. (Ph.D.)
  • Ryan Williams, 2018.
  • John Voss, 2019.

Salim Hariri: Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research interests include autonomic cybersecurity, big data analytics, resilient cloud services, critical infrastructure protections, autonomic programming and resilient Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems (rDDDAS)

  • Arthur Jicha, 2016.
  • Ryan Jicha, 2016.

Matthew Hashim: Assistant Professor of MIS. Research interests include digital piracy, experimental and behavioral economics, electronic commerce and information security.

  • Stephen Dolan, 2016.
  • Ian Kaufer, 2016.
  • Brendan McDermott, 2016.
  • Cyrus Afarin, 2017.
  • Mathew Soares, 2018.

Mark Patton: Lecturer in Management Information Systems; Program Administrator, AZSecure Cybersecurity Program. Research interests include Cybersecurity & Security Informatics, decision support systems for automated deception identification, organizational modeling and simulation and agent based systems.

  • Ryan Chinn, 2015.
  • Samantha Forbis, 2015.
  • Eric Gross, 2015.
  • Ryan Jichia, 2016.
  • Leon Walker, 2016.
  • Calvin Barreras, 2017.
  • Cyrus Afarin, 2017.
  • Vincent Ercolani, 2017.
  • Rodney Rohrmann, 2017.

 Incoming students will be assigned to mentors as their research interests develop.

  • Troy Adams
  • Guadalupe Angeles
  • Nolan Arnold
  • Christopher Harrell
  • Rachael Dunn
  • Robert Schweitzer
  • John Voss
  • Daniel Thomas Dickson
  • Steven Ullman
  • Jorge Dominguez
  • Alexander Ignatius Smith
  • Joshua Greer
  • Ben Ampel