Undergraduate Online Accounting Certificate

Undergraduate Online Accounting Certificate

The Accounting Certificate is a structured nine-unit program available only to professionally admitted Eller majors.

Eller students cannot complete a major and minor through our college; certificates are available instead. The nine-unit program is designed so that all admitted students will complete the Accounting Certificate coursework during one summer. Admission to the program is competitive. Applications are accepted during the spring semesters, with the priority application deadline of March 15 preceding the summer that classes will be taken (applications will continue to be accepted until summer classes begin, depending on available space).

Requirements and Policies

  • Students must earn professional admission into an Eller major in order to be eligible for admission to the Accounting Certificate. The program is not available for non-Eller majors.
  • Students must also have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 to be eligible for the Accounting Certificate.
  • The nine units of Accounting Certificate coursework will be completed during one summer. Talk to your Eller online success coach about how this may impact your academic plan.
  • Business Administration majors may use ACCT 400A in lieu of ACCT 400E in their required major coursework. ACCT 400E will not be used as part of the Accounting Certificate program. Talk to your Eller Online Success Coach about how the Accounting Certificate may impact your academic plan.

Required Courses

Students will complete the following courses during 7 Week Session I and 7 Week Session 2:

This course begins with an overview of the theoretical basis of financial accounting and a review of the four principal financial statements. The course then examines valuation, measurement and reporting issues related to selected financial statement items, with an emphasis on assets and revenues. Students are expected to understand the accounting theory and concepts that underlie the accounting issues covered in class as well as to become technically proficient with respect to the accounting principles governing the reporting of financial statement items.
Offered: 7 Week Session I

This course is an intermediate accounting course that examines the valuation, measurement and reporting issues related to selected financial statement items, with an emphasis on liabilities and expenses. It is assumed that students have a strong accounting background since this is a second intermediate class. There are two main student goals of the class: 1) to become technically proficient in financial reporting; 2) to understand how, why and where any given transaction affects the firm’s financial statements.
Offered: 7 Week Session 2

This course covers the principles of federal taxation, with an emphasis on how individuals are taxed. The course integrates tax compliance, tax planning, financial accounting, economics and finance. Mastering the material in this course will allow students to apply the framework learned to personal and business decisions, assess potential compliance and planning ramifications of current and prospective tax rules, understand tax computations for individuals and business entities and devise strategies that minimize taxes and maximize after-tax wealth.
Offered: 7 Week Session I

Total: 9 units minimum

Declaring the Certificate and Course Registration Process

The priority application deadline is March 15 for the upcoming summer.

Applicants will be notified by the end of March of the admission decision. For the students applying after March 15, decisions will be made on a rolling basis depending on space available. Applicants will be notified within two weeks of submitting their application of the admission decision. 

Several criteria will be considered in the application process, including your application essay, grade point average and resume.

Ready to apply?

For more information about the Accounting Certificate Program, please contact Katie Maxwell.

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