Undergraduate Online Business Administration Minor


The Business Administration minor is a structured minor that requires the completion of 18 units. The Business Administration minor is only available to non-BSBA majors in Arizona Online.

Professional admission to the Eller College is not required for the BNAD minor; there are no prerequisites at the upper division other than the completion of ECON 200 prior to taking BNAD 301. However, it is suggested that all the lower division courses be completed prior to the upper division courses.


Lower Division Foundation (9 units)

Description: This course introduces students to concepts of computer technology and the impacts of Internet on social, organizational, personal and ethical issues. Students develop a sufficient understanding of computers and other issues to form critical opinions about them, as well as acquire and hone skills to recognize and evaluate their role in interacting with the Internet.
Offered: fall, spring, and summer - 2nd 7-week session

Description: National and international economic issues. An introduction to economic analysis.
Prerequisite(s): two courses from Tier One, Individuals and Societies (Two courses in 150A, 150B, and/or 150C).
Offered: fall, spring, and summer - 1st 7-week session

Description: Concepts involved in accounting for assets, liabilities and owners' equity; financial statements.
Offered: fall, spring, and summer - 1st 7-week session

Upper Division (9 units)

BNAD 301 Global and Financial Economics and Strategies (3 units)
Description: This is an applications based course which looks at the financial and economic operations of domestic and world markets. This course cannot be used towards any business major degree.
Prerequisite(s): ECON 200.
Offered: spring 2022 - 2nd 7-week session; fall only (2022 and beyond) -  2nd 7-week session


BNAD 304 Survey of Finance (3 units)
Description: An introduction to finance which provides an overview of the different areas of finance, introduces students to career options in finance, and provides a foundation in the basic tools and techniques of finance. It also covers the impact of markets and institutions on businesses. This course is simply an introduction to financial topics. This is a web-based course, which means that students must be self-directed to be successful in mastering course requirements. 
Offered: fall only - 2nd 7-week session

Description: This course is intended to provide an overview of organizational behavior, effective management skills, law and ethics in the workplace and human relations. This course cannot be used towards any business major degree. 
Offered: spring only - 1st 7-week session

Description: This course is intended to provide an overview of marketing concepts with attention to consumer behavior, ethics, international and nonprofit components. This course cannot be used towards any business major degree. 
Offered: summer only - 1st 7-week session

Declaring the Minor and Course Registration Process

Any advisor on campus can add the business administration minor to a student's academic profiles. Registration is open through the UAccess Student Center (given pre-requisites).


  • Eller does not permit double use of courses in their majors with majors or minors outside of the College, nor double use of courses in their minors with majors outside of the College. Unique units are required for the student’s major and minor. 
  • One exception: Students who complete a second (dual) degree MAY use courses from their Eller College major within the business administration minor as part of their second degree from another college.
  • A minimum of nine units must be completed in residence, nine units must be upper division, and any transfer work must be approved through the Eller College Undergraduate Programs Office.
  • Students must also have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 within the minor.