Undergraduate Online Finance Minor and Certificate


November 8, 2019: Early applications due for Summer 2020.

Earn a minor or certificate in a discipline that employers value and will prepare you for your financial future. Learn how the stock market works, how real estate markets work, how companies make rational decisions and how to financially manage a small company!

The finance minor and certificate programs help students create value in any type of business, non-profit or government organization. The minor will broaden a student’s learning experiences and professional opportunities by providing training in financial topics and analysis. What better complement to your major than a minor in finance?

The Finance Department is committed to offering a quality learning experience for non-business and non-finance students wanting to add finance education to their major course of study. Admission to the online minor and certificate programs is competitive. An application, with resume and short essay is required. 

Available to UA Online students, these programs are designed so that all admitted students will complete the finance minor or certificate coursework during one summer. Non-business students take two courses during fall and/or spring semester, followed by 12-15 units of finance coursework in the summer sessions. Non-Finance students take three (9-units of) approved finance courses in the summer sessions. All courses are offered online.

This finance minor and certificate provides students with an understanding of basic financial theory, applied financial analysis and financial markets. Elective courses include Principles of Financial Management, Personal Investing, Small Business Finance and Real Estate Principles. Students learn basic concepts through lectures and case studies.

Program Benefits

Guaranteed Registration: You can be registered in the finance required and elective courses so that completion of the minor is not dependent on gaining admission to the needed classes that might be closed.

Fast Completion: After taking the required courses, the finance minor electives will be completed in one summer of full-time attendance.

Commitments: The Finance Department will make it possible for admitted students to complete the Finance minor in one summer. As a finance minor student, you must commit to registering for the entire block of courses in one summer.

Benefits for You

The Online Finance Minor or Certificate can be a valuable addition to your major course of study. These one-summer cohort program is an efficient way to complete a minor or certificate at the University of Arizona with guaranteed access to the needed courses. Instructors with academic and experiential credentials will provide the instruction. The finance skills offered in the program may be utilized in a variety of careers related to the following non-business degrees:

  • Agricultural Resource Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Engineering (all disciplines)
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Physiology
  • Regional Development
  • Retail and Consumer Studies
  • Other majors with financial services and entrepreneurial interests


The Finance minor is a customized 18-unit program available only to non-Eller students. The Finance minor's curriculum is designed with two prerequisite courses (ACCT and ECON) to be taken during the academic year, with four core courses to be taken during the summer (FIN 311 plus three FIN electives of your choice: FIN 301, FIN 302, FIN 303 and FIN 304). 

The Finance certificate is a structured 9-unit program available only to Eller students. Eller students cannot complete a major and minor through our college; certificates are available instead. Eller Finance certificate students must complete FIN 301, FIN 302 and FIN 303. Eller Finance certificate students are not permitted to use the FIN 304 elective toward completion of the certificate due to overlaps in the curriculum in the Business Administration major.

Core Courses (9 Units)

Description: Concepts involved in accounting for assets, liabilities and owners' equity; financial statements.
Offered: fall, spring and summer - 1st 7-week session

Description: National and international economic issues. An introduction to economic analysis. 
Prerequisite(s): two courses from Tier One, Individuals and Societies (INDV 101, 102, 103, 104). 
Offered: fall, spring, summer - 1st 7-week session

Description: Financial problems involved in the organization and conduct of business enterprise. 
Prerequisite(s): ECON 200, ACCT 200 or ACCT 250 
Offered: summer only - Presession 3-week

Elective Courses (9 units - CHOOSE THREE)

Description: This course is a seminar on the financial management within a business organization. The course covers sources of financing as well as the basic financial techniques used for making decisions in relation to costing and budgeting, pricing and investments. 
Prerequisite(s): ECON 200; ACCT 200 or ACCT 250; FIN 311 - and admission to the Finance Minor/Certificate Program
Offered: summer only - 1st 5-week session

Description: Personal investing is a course focusing on the investment decision from the perspective of the individual, rather than the institutional investor. Coverage begins with a discussion of establishing investment objectives and a review of market efficiency. Additional course topics include risk and the principles of portfolio diversification, asset allocation, fixed income assets, equity assets, mutual funds, portfolio strategies and portfolio performance evaluation. Sources of investing information are also discussed. 
Prerequisite(s): ECON 200; ACCT 200 or ACCT 250; FIN 311 - and admission to the Finance Minor/Certificate Program
Offered: summer only - 1st 5-week session

Description: Small Business Finance is a seminar on the financial management of small businesses - sole proprietorships, partnerships and small private corporations. The purpose of the course is to prepare the student to effectively plan, research, acquire and utilize financing for a small business. Among the topics covered are economic concepts in finance; small business management functions; business organizations; elements of a business plan; financial statement analysis and forecasting; break-even analysis; working capital management; and risk management. This is an online course. 
Prerequisite(s): ECON 200; ACCT 200 or ACCT 250; FIN 311 - and admission to the Finance Minor/Certificate Program
Offered: summer only - 2nd 5-week session

Description: Real Estate Principles covers real estate essentials including property rights, legal concepts, regulation of real estate, real estate valuation and financing. This is an online course. 
Prerequisite(s): ECON 200; ACCT 200 or ACCT 250; FIN 311 - and admission to the Finance Minor Program
Note: FIN Minors Only;  Course cannot be used as an elective for the Finance Certificate 
Offered: summer only - 2nd 5-week session


  • Students must have completed college algebra (MATH 112) or higher math to be eligible for admission to the Finance Minor.
  • Eller does not permit double use of courses in their majors with majors or minors outside of the College, nor double use of courses in their minors with majors outside of the College. Unique units are required for the student’s major and minor.
  • The Finance Minor requires six three-unit courses (18 units total). A minimum of nine units must be completed in residence, nine units must be upper division and any transfer work must be approved through the Eller College Undergraduate Programs Office.
  • Students must also have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 within the minor.


For more information about the Finance minor, please email the Kay Ross, Director, Academic Affairs, Finance Department:

Apply Now

Students must be accepted to the Finance minor/certificate through an application process. Once admitted Finance minor/certificate students will be eligible to register themselves through the UAccess Student Center. 

Finance Certificate for Non-Finance Eller Students

Finance minor for non-business online students