Undergraduate Internship Search

Undergraduate Internship Search

How can I find a valuable internship experience?

There are many networking options within the Eller College that can lead to experiential learning opportunities to complement your classroom experiences. To learn more, and to meet with a career coach 1-on-1 to discuss your personal internship goals, make a career coaching appointment in eSMS. Additionally, many students make valuable network connections via family or friends that can help identify valuable career experience.

What campus resources are available to me?

Every Fall and Spring semester, Campus Interviewing brings top employers from across the country to conduct interviews with UA students and recent alumni for job and internship opportunities.  

Employers range from high tech corporations, to businesses, to nonprofit organizations and government agencies. All students of all majors will find opportunities of interest and are highly encouraged to participate. All companies or organizations hiring UofA students for full-time, internship, part-time or on-campus jobs use Handshake to post jobs.

Login to Handshake and search jobs and internships:

  • Login to Handshake and create or update your profile.
  • Upload your resume to Handshake - you can upload multiple resumes to use to apply to internships/jobs.
  • Search jobs or internships, favorite companies, and see when companies are coming to campus.  
  • For more on how to use Handshake, visit their student help center.

How can I keep my Career Profile updated?

Updating your Career Profile on Handshake and keeping it current helps your career coach to help you. By knowing your preferences for employment industry, location and graduate school, we can inform you of programs and opportunities that fit your goals. It can help with getting recruiters on campus that you are interested in and development learning communities with similar interests. Helps us help you and update your Career Profile at least once a semester!

You can access your Career Profile by:

  1. logging into Handshake
  2. on the upper right corner, click on your name to open the menu
  3. click on "Career Interests"
  4. fill out your preferences (especially "industries" and "jobs")
  5. click “Save My Career Interests”

What resources are available specifically for my major?

Each major within the Eller College of Management has a Career Information website. This website will give you a general overview of the major, degree requirements, preparation resources, career opportunities, advancement opportunities, salaries, recruitment opportunities, as well as links to professional organizations, journals and publications. The links below will take you to the appropriate Major Career Brief:

How can student organizations help me get an internship?

Many students find valuable internship connections through active involvement in student clubs and organizations. Many employers are interested in advertising their positions to active students, and they find the best route to follow is to make a direct connection with the organization. Many guest speakers to organizations can also help students find career opportunities within their organizations.