Undergraduate Marketing Minor


Marketing Minor Program

The Marketing Minor is open to ALL non-business majors, who wish to complement and augment their current degrees with a focus on marketing. The minor program is predesigned to help students gain a holistic perspective of marketing and its applications in a variety of business settings. The objective of the program is to provide students with skills that set them apart as dynamic thinkers and strengthens their collaborative potential.

The Marketing Minor program is only offered during Summer session online as iCourses.
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complete the entire program in just ONE summer.

2022 Summer Dates:
june 6 - August 10, 2022

Summer Pre-Session will be held from May 16 - June 4, 2022.

Enhance You Career Potential!

Using the connections and skills learned in the program, many Marketing Minor students have gone on to pursue careers in Marketing related fields.


As part of the Eller family, you'll receive exclusive access to our Marketing Career Coaches, and invitations to our career fairs: Eller Expo and Career Showcase. Companies that attend these events are specifically looking for Eller students, and you'll be one of them. 

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​​Pre-Requisite Classes

Prerequisites do not need to be completed before you apply for the minor program, but all must be completed by the first day of the minor program. 

  • You are responsible for enrolling in pre-requisite courses.
  • AttentionEller does not permit double use of courses in their majors or minors with majors or minors outside of the College. Unique units are required for the student’s major and minor.

bnad 303 mARKETING cONCEPTS & Tools

PLUS One of the following courses:
  • (3 units) Offered during fall, winter, spring and summer pre-session.

MIS 111 Computers and Internetworked Society (3 units)

  • Offered during fall and spring

ECON 200 Principles of Economics (3 units)

  • Offered during fall, winter, spring and summer pre-session.

ACCT 200 Intro to Financial Accounting (3 units)

  • Offered during fall, winter, and spring.

ACCT 250 Survey of Accounting (3 units)

  • Offered during fall, winter, and spring. 

When Can I Take Pre-Reqs?

Please refer to the Schedule of Classes: a comprehensive listing of all credit-bearing courses available each semester. The Schedule of Classes is publicly available at schedule.arizona.edu; students wishing to register for a semester can view the Schedule of Classes using the Search for Classes button found in the UAccess Student Center. 

Summer Marketing Courses

All core courses in the program are 2 credits each, pre-designed for all students. Upon acceptance, you will be automatically enrolled in all required minor courses. Classes are completed across two 5-week sessions over Summer.

Overview of common marketing research techniques and their usage in making effective marketing decisions; topics include collection and analysis of data, interpretation and reporting of results.

Overview of how fundamental concepts, principles and theories from psychology, sociology, anthropology can be used to understand why customers purchase products, the decision processes they use, and the social influences upon them.

The theory and practice of advertising with an emphasis on methods used by advertising professionals to enhance informational and persuasive communication.

The role of personal selling techniques, customer relationships, and negotiation in organizations; the application of personal selling skills in sales occupations, business interactions and personal development.

Overview of various topics in marketing communications to include public relations, direct marketing, collateral materials, event marketing, and guerilla marketing techniques.

Integration of the knowledge and skills from the required marketing and business courses; the creation of a marketing plan is the primary learning activity in this course.

Additional information on requirements:

Marketing Minor Events

The Eller Professional Development Center hosts a Career Immersion Day for the Marketing Minor students and to help provide the "Eller Experience."

Industry leaders and experts are brought in to the classroom, so students can interact with them and gain more insights on using marketing to grow and thrive in their own chosen careers and fields. This also gives them a valuable opportunity to network and grow professionally.

The grand finale of the summer Marketing Minor program is the Breakfast of Champions.  On the last day of the program, students proudly present their group projects that they have been working on throughout the program to Judges from the business community. After thus showcasing the skills and expertise they have acquired in the program, students and faculty enjoy a wonderful breakfast together, and students are awarded their Marketing Minor degree certificates.  

How Does Marketing Compliment My Major?

The program, with its vast potential and applications, can be a strong and unique source of competitive advantage for several majors. Talk to your Major advisor about adding a Marketing Minor to your plan today!

majors of past minor students:
Animal Sciences English/Creative Writing Graphic Design Other majors with non-profit or entrepreneurial interests Regional Development
Computer Science Family Studies Interdisciplinary Studies Program Psychology Sociology
Communications Fine Arts (Music, Art) Journalism Rehabilitation Studies & Services  

Foreign Language

Media Arts Retail and Consumer Studies  

I was able to gain immense knowledge from the professors in the program that have real-life experience in the Marketing field! It has given me a great experience that I will remember forever.

Ari Goldman, Communication
 Marketing Minor

Student Success Stories

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  • Applying to the Marketing Minor Program is a fast process with NO application fee.
  • Decisions will be made on a rolling basis so that you will know your status within a short period of time after your submission and you will be able to plan your regular coursework.

For more information about the Marketing Minor, please email us at marketing@eller.arizona.edu.

Please read the following items carefully before submitting this form:

  • The Marketing Minor program is a cohort-based program with all admitted students taking the same set of marketing (MKTG) courses during the same time period (summer sessions 1 and 2).
  • The prerequisite course (ECON 200/ACCT 200/ACCT 250/MIS 111) and the introductory marketing course (BNAD 303) can be taken during the preceding terms. The Department also guarantees availability of the BNAD 303 class in the pre-session for students who were unable to complete the course in earlier semesters.
    • You cannot double dip pre-req courses. If you are double dipping a course, it is your responsibility to work with your major, or minor, Academic Advisor to find alternative courses to take.
  • Summer 2022 will offered as an iCourse program. iCourse fees will apply per course.
  • For guaranteed registration in the entire set of required classes, the student acknowledges (or understands or agrees) they will be enrolled in all courses and MUST be completed in a single summer. You cannot take some courses this summer and finish in another summer.
  • I acknowledge that I must maintain at least a 2.0 in my minor core MKTG courses and receive passing grades in all classes to graduate with this minor. I acknowledge that failed classes are allowed to be retaken only once in accordance with the University's Repeating a Course Policy. During the second attempt to pass the class, all group work will instead be assigned as individual deliverables and will be individually graded. If I fail a second time, I will not be allowed to retake the class and the minor will be removed from my academic plan.