Undergraduate Sports Management Minor

Undergraduate Sports Management Minor

The Sports Management Program has been developed by the Department of Management and Organizations in response to a growing demand for courses related to sports industries.

Completion of these classes will provide a resume differentiator and facilitate job opportunities in the sports industry. Faculty with sports industry contacts and guest speakers from professional sports organizations are paired with experiential learning and study trips to sporting events.

There are three different sports management options:

Sports Management Minor 

The Sports Management minor is a customized 18-unit program available only to students who are majoring in anything other than an Eller BSBA Major. The flexible curriculum allows for students to take courses in a sequence and pace that fits their schedule.

Requirements and Policies

  • Six three-unit courses (18 units total)
  • Minimum nine units upper division coursework
  • At least nine units must be completed in residence at the University of Arizona
  • Minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) needed in minor
  • Most courses offered during summer sessions
  • Can be used as a part of the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS)
  • Can be taken along with business administration minor, finance minor or marketing minor
  • Eller does not permit double use of courses in their majors or minors with majors or minors outside of the College. Unique units are required for the student’s major and minor.

Sports Management Minor Coursework

Required Units: Students must complete two of the following three prerequisite courses to complete the minor. One of the two courses must be complete prior to enrolling in upper division sports management classes:

  • ACCT 250 Information for Business Decisions or ACCT 200 Introduction to Financial Accounting 
    (Minor students are encouraged to take ACCT 250 instead of ACCT 200 when possible. ACCT 200 is only available to non-BSBA students in spring and summer sessions.)
  • ECON 200 Basic Economic Issues
  • MIS 111 Computers and Internetworked Society

The remaining 12 units may be comprised of any of the following:

  • BNAD 302 Human Side of Organizations
  • MGMT 351 Sports Administration and Planning
  • MGMT 352 Sport Tourism and Event Management
  • MGMT 353 Sports Negotiation and Compliance
  • MGMT 354 Business of College Sports
  • MGMT 356 Sports Communication
  • MGMT 357 Life Cycle of Elite Athletes
  • MGMT 358 Sports PR and Promotion Management
  • MGMT 359 Special Topics in Sports Management
  • MKTG 355/MGMT 355 Sports Marketing Management

Note: Students who are also completing the business administration minor or the Applied Humanities Business Administration Emphasis cannot apply ECON 200, ACCT 200 or ACCT 250, MIS 111, and BNAD 302 to both the sports management minor and the business administration minor or Applied Humanities BNAD Emphasis. Courses can only be applied to a single minor or major.

Declaring the Minor and Course Registration

The Sports Management Minor is open to all students who are majoring in anything other than an Eller BSBA Major. However, students must sign up for the minor program in order to be approved for course registration. Students will not be able to register for Sports Management classes during the Fall and Spring semesters without first signing up for the minor.

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