Add or Change Undergraduate Major

Add or Change Undergraduate Major

Thank you for your interest in changing or adding an Eller College major.

Please choose one of the following options, or scroll down for all information:

Foundational Business Management or Foundational Economics

We are excited about your interest  in the Eller College of Management. Current UA students who wish to change to or add Foundational Business Management or Foundational Economics must attend a Change of Major Information Session and have a qualifying GPA. International/ESL students must also have an additional qualifying English language proficiency score in UAccess to change to or Foundational Business Management. 

Effective in Summer 2023, incoming students or current students opting to pursue a business degree through the Eller College of Management on the main campus will enter as Foundational Business Management majors.  Similarly, incoming or current students opting to pursue an economics major will begin as an Economics major.  Prior to Summer 2023, students entered as Pre-Business and Pre-Economics majors, respectively.  These terms are currently used interchangeably until the Pre-Business and Pre-Economics majors are phased out in Summer 2024. 

Change of Major Information Session

The Change of Major Information Session is for qualifying University of Arizona students who would:

  • like to change their current UA major to Foundational Business Management and/or Foundational Economics; or
  • like to add Foundational Business Management and/or Foundational Economics as a secondary degree
    • Note: First year admits may not add Eller as a second major before starting first semester.

The Change of Major Information Sessions will be offered in two formats:

  • Option 1:  In-person presentation at key times throughout the semester
    • RSVP through eSMS for an in-person session which includes a presentation and meeting with an academic advisor to establish an academic plan for the upcoming semesters. 
  • Option 2:  Completed asynchronously online
    • Watch the following video, complete the online information session (including answering questions along the way), and follow the next steps provided in the video to request a change of major.  
    • Following completion of the asynchronous option, change of major requests will be processed every Thursday.  Students can then expect to receive an email from their assigned Eller advisor with more details regarding courses and academic within the week following their formal major change. 

Requirements To Change/Add Major

Minimum GPA 2.75 (if new student, no GPA minimum is required) 2.0 (if new student, no GPA minimum is required)
English Proficiency for International Students International students intending to change to Pre-Business must have one of the following scores posted in UAccess:
IELTS 6.5+
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing of 580+ 
ACT English of 21+
CESL Endorsement from level 8 or 9 in CESL's University Track prior to UA matriculation
Duolingo score of 105+
CEPT Full Test score of at least 110+
Upper Division Admissions  Admission to upper-division Business Professional Program requires a professional application. To review the application requirements and procedures, visit the Professional Admissions section of this website. Admission to BA Economics' upper-division Program requires an Advanced Standing application. To review the application requirements and procedures, visit the Advanced Standing section of this website.

Current BSBA Majors

Apply to Add or Change Your Major

This option is only available to current business majors who have been admitted to the Business Professional Program (BSBA). If you wish to change into the Eller Business College from other programs, please refer to the section above.

Double majors or primary major changes within the Eller College Undergraduate Program are restricted. Departments will select students applying based on program and course availability, each student's specific objectives, and academic indicators. Students may only apply for a double major or to change their secondary major during the first and second semesters of the professional program. Posted application deadlines must be met each semester.

The deadline to submit the Add Major Application (double major) for the Spring 2024 Semester (to begin in Fall 2024) is set for Friday, March 22nd at 8 a.m. Any requests submitted after this date/time will be considered for the Fall 2024 semester (to begin in Spring 2025). 

Applications to Change Primary Major will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the year and will be reviewed starting Friday, March 22nd at 8 a.m. There is no deadline but priority consideration is given to students who submit by the Add Major Application deadline each semester (listed above). 

Please note that applications will not be considered until all of the following steps are completed:


  • Complete an application using eSMS
    • Once logged in, click on the Request menu option at the top of your eSMS profile page
    • Select Change/Add Major from the menu and click Create Request to complete the application. You will be given the option to select "Add" or "Change".
    • Answer questions listed explaining why you want to Change/Add major
  • Schedule an advising appointment (if you have not already met with your advisor prior to submitting the request)
    • Appointments can be scheduled with your academic advisor through eSMS
    • During your appointment, your advisor will discuss your request, sequencing and registration issues


Timeline for Processing

  • Students applying for a secondary major will be notified regarding the outcome of their application by email, typically three or four weeks after the deadline each semester.
  • Students applying for a primary major change will be notified regarding the outcome of their application by email on a rolling basis throughout the semester once their entire application is complete.

Important Information About Adding or Changing Majors

  • Priority during fall and spring semesters are given to primary majors and/or originally declared majors. You may need to take summer classes to "catch up" in your major sequencing or you will need to submit the Class Request to be registered for your major courses.
  • Registration for secondary major courses is not guaranteed during the regular fall and spring semesters. Secondary major courses are the student's responsibility and it is strongly recommended that these courses be taken in winter or summer sessions if available.
  • All major changes and additions will be processed by the academic department and the following criteria will be used: program and course availability, the student's objective for requesting the change or addition of the major and academic indicators.
  • If application is approved to change majors, the major courses for the "old" major will be dropped from the schedule as needed.