Policies and Expectations

Undergraduate Policies and Expectations

The Eller College of Management enforces the academic policies described in the Academic Catalog. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for more information about various policies.

Student Responsibility

The Eller College expects all students to act responsibly in their academic performance. As a competitive program, the college holds its students to the highest academic standards. Students are responsible for the academic information that is shared with them during Orientation, that is sent out over the listservs, that is listed on this website and that is shared with them through other outlets. Students are also expected to act with academic integrity in the classroom and beyond.

Our Standard of Ethics

The Eller College believes that ethics and academic integrity are a core component of your business education and professional life. In addition to the Center for Leadership Ethics, the following resources are available for undergraduate students:

Eller College Student Integrity Oath

Eller's Standard of Ethics is focused on the education and enforcement of academic integrity policies and the promotion of ethical behavior and is supported by the entire Eller community including students, faculty, and the administration. A key component to these standards is the Student Integrity Oath. This oath is voluntary, but one that ideally all Eller students acknowledge and accept as members of the Eller community:

As a student of the Eller College of Management, I promise:

  • To foster an honorable and academic environment for current and future students;
  • To uphold the principles outlined in the University of Arizona Code of Conduct and Code of Academic Integrity;
  • To neither engage in nor tolerate: cheating, plagiarism, lying, or stealing;
  • To accept the lifelong responsibility of upholding the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and respect for others.

I accept this oath and make these promises freely and upon my honor.

UA Policies and Codes

The Dean of Students Office oversees all academic integrity and student conduct policies. If you ever have concerns about conduct on campus, the Dean of Students office is the guiding authority.

Academic Integrity Resource Guide

View the Academic Integrity Resource Guide

Registration Dates and Deadlines

The Eller College adheres to the registration dates and deadlines as determined by the Registrar's Office each semester. Students are expected to be aware of their class schedules and the posted dates and deadlines. Students are able to withdraw from courses through the 10th week of the semester. Beyond this posted deadline, the Eller College does not support late registration requests, except in the most extreme situations. Please contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

Late Withdrawal Requests

The Eller College typically enforces university dates and deadlines.  If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances that warrants an exception to the late withdrawal policy, please speak with your Academic Advisor about the next steps.  A written statement and documentation will be required.  Students requesting to withdraw from a single course must demonstrate how their extenuating circumstances have affected their single courses and not the rest of their courses in the semester. Academic advising services are offered in McClelland Hall Room 201.

Incomplete Grades

When a student is facing extenuating circumstances at the end of an academic term and all but a minor portion of the coursework has been satisfactorily completed, the student can discuss with their instructor the potential of being awarded an "Incomplete" grade, with the intent to finish the coursework on a schedule set by the instructor within one year. It is up to the discretion of the instructor to determine if it is appropriate to award an Incomplete grade.  

Academic Warning, Academic Probation and Academic Ineligibility

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to be in Academic Good Standing and eligible to enroll in classes at the University. Students who fall below 2.0 will be on Academic Warning and must raise their cumulative GPA to at least 2.0 by the end of the very next semester in order to continue as a student in the Eller College. Students who do not achieve a 2.0 Cumulative GPA by the end of the very next semester will be on Academic Probation and will be removed from the Eller College.

Students are also expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in their major specific coursework. Those who fall below the 2.0 GPA in their major coursework are at risk of being removed from their major. 


The Eller College supports and adheres to the University policies as set forth in the Academic Catalog. If a student believes that they deserve redress or exception to a university policy, they can explore a University General Petition. To discuss the General Petition requirements and initiate the process, students should contact Laura Ullrich, director of academic advising, by email at lullrich@eller.arizona.edu.

For all other questions and for further clarification, contact your Academic Advisor.