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The Behavioral Lab at the Eller Department of Marketing collects empirical data to understand consumers' behavior and psyche. Utilizing advanced methods such as psychometric surveys and behavioral experiments, the lab provides valuable insights into consumer decision-making, to inform marketing strategies and develop psychological theories of consumer behavior. 



Lab Opportunities for Undergraduate and Master Students

The marketing department at the Eller College of Management is looking for qualified and motivated students interested in gaining research and management experience to help manage the marketing lab, which is immediately available until filled. Students can support and learn from marketing faculty and Ph.D. students as they work on cutting-edge research. 


Job Position: Assistant Lab Manager
The assistant lab managers will be responsible for the general administrative functioning of the marketing lab, and their administrative duties include obtaining ethics approval for studies, recruiting and scheduling subjects and overseeing research assistants. 
Responsibilities include: 
Assisting the lab manager with administrative duties 
Help schedule lab sessions and set calendar dates 
Respond to student emails 
Send reminders to faculty and students for upcoming lab sessions 
Assisting with administering experimental research sessions held at the Economic Science Laboratory (ESL) 
Check for lab availability 
Check for any technical issues before the beginning of the lab session 
Must be an Eller student in good academic standing. The selected candidates will be detail-oriented, have efficient oral and written communication skills, and have the ability to interact professionally with students and faculty. Previous experience in management or experimental research is a plus (but not required). 
You will gain hands-on experience on conducting cutting-edge research, which will help you to land jobs in marketing, advertising, market research, consulting, and related fields. After successful completion of your duties, you will receive a certificate by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) as well as a letter of recommendation from one of our faculty or Ph.D. students. Moreover, you will have the chance to learn software to create surveys (e.g., Qualtrics) and analyze data (e.g., SPSS or R). 
5-10 hours/week, approximately 12 weeks per semester, plus occasional meetings with the lab manager and coordinator. 
How to Apply 
Submit a resume and a brief personal statement. The personal statement should highlight your qualifications, explain what you hope to gain from this experience and explain how you hope to contribute to the department as a marketing assistant lab manager. Submit materials to: 
Dr. Martin Reimann, Behavioral Lab & Subject Pool Coordinator 

This internship provides a unique chance to gain insights into the daily operations of a marketing research lab. Under the mentorship of the lab manager, who is a PhD candidate in the Department of Marketing, and a faculty supervisor of the behavioral lab you will play an instrumental role in supporting various facets of the lab's operations. This includes training in data collection ethics and the handling of human subjects, scheduling participants, and conducting marketing surveys and experiments. 

The learning goal is to gain on-the-job, internship-style experience in marketing research by supporting data collection on topics surrounding marketing and consumer behavior, getting trained in the responsible conduct of marketing research (online certificate), and writing a report about your learning experience at the end of the semester.

For your internship, you will enroll in MKTG 499 - Independent Study, section: 001 (Class number: 32212) with the current faculty supervisor of the behavioral lab. This is a for-credit course (1 unit/semester).

In addition to working with the lab manager regularly during the semester, there are two course requirements:

  • You will be required to complete the University of Arizona Social & Behavioral Research BASIC course of the CITI Program (log in with your NetID). You will receive a certificate upon successful completion. You will need to email the certificate (as PDF) to both the lab manager and the faculty supervisor.
  • At the end of the semester (no later than the last day of classes), you will be required to submit a 2-page report (double-spaced, Times New Roman) to the faculty supervisor. In this report, you will summarize your learning experience, especially how it expanded your knowledge and skills in marketing research and what you have learned about the responsible conduct of marketing research. In this report, you will also propose the broad topic of a potential new study (on a topic of your choice such as branding/package design, advertising, pricing, or channeling—think 4Ps) on the basis of your learning from this independent study course.

This internship opportunity is available for a maximum of two semesters per student. It is capped to five interns per semester (available for enrollment until filled). Students cannot be enrolled in MKTG 361 or BNAD 303 in the same semester they intern at the lab.

Apply for this internship opportunity by emailing a brief note of motivation and your current CV to the current faculty supervisor.




Martin Reimann

Martin Reimann, PhD, Faculty Supervisor


Sydni Fomas Do, Doctoral Student, Lab Manager


Pete Zhou, Doctoral Student, Lab Manager


Consumer Behavior Faculty

Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh, Associate Professor of Marketing

Jesper Nielsen, Associate Professor of Marketing

Martin Reimann, Associate Professor of Marketing

Jennifer Savary, Associate Professor of Marketing 

Caleb Warren, Associate Professor of Marketing


Recent Publications by our Researchers

 Huang, Liang and Jennifer Savary, “When Payments Go Social: Use of Person-to-Person Payment Methods Attenuates the Endowment Effect,” Journal of Marketing Research. 2022.

Hueller, Christoph, Martin Reimann, Caleb Warren. "When Financial Platforms Become Gamified, Consumers' Risk Preferences Change," Journal of the Association for Consumer Research. 2023. 


FAQs for Study Participants

Go to the SONA website to request an Account.

You will be asked a few pre-screening questions for the studies you will complete in the lab. Once complete, you will land on the dashboard where you can sign up for future lab sessions.

Go to the SONA website and log in. You will see whether you have lab credits on your home page.

If you are unable to make it to the lab within 24 hours of the time slot that you signed up for, you must provide a Dean’s excuse or a doctor’s note to reschedule for another session and receive credit.

There are no alternative assignments for the lab. If you are unable to make it to the lab within 24 hours of the time slot that you signed up for, you must provide a Dean’s excuse or a doctor’s note to reschedule for another session and receive credit.

Each lab session is made available approximately 1 week before it begins. However, lab session slots fill up really quickly after being posted. It is important that you sign up for a lab session as soon as they open to be able to participate in the first and second half of the semester.

If you have an unexcused absence for any of the lab sessions (marked unexcused in the system), you may be unable to sign up for future lab sessions. Please reach out to the lab manager for additional assistance.

You are required to attend one lab session in the first half of the semester (lab session A or B) and another in the second half of the semester (C or D) to ensure equal participation throughout the semester. You cannot sign up for two lab sessions both at the beginning or end of the semester. If you only participate in one half of the semester, you may receive only partial credit for the lab portion of your grade.

Please email the lab manager email:


The lab is located on the first floor of McClelland Hall in room 111. The doors will be unlocked by the lab team, so feel free to wait outside for further instructions to be checked in.