Healthcare Management Emphasis


The Healthcare Management emphasis allows students to develop health industry-specific knowledge, positioning them for managerial careers in a broad range of healthcare and related organizations.

The Healthcare Management emphasis is a customized program available to BSBA Eller students only. Students need to be in the professional program to undertake the emphasis. Healthcare is interdisciplinary and students may be able to find courses offered through other Colleges on campus to provide other perspectives on Healthcare.

Healthcare Management Coursework

Students can complete any of the following courses to learn more about Healthcare:

The following courses are offered through the Eller College of Management, these courses are not offered on a regular basis.

  • ACCT 440 Financial and Managerial Accounting in Healthcare 
    Prerequisites: ACCT 200 and ACCT 210
  • ECON 427 Current Topics in Healthcare Economics and Policy 
    Prerequisite: ECON 300 or ECON 361
  • MGMT 438 Healthcare Organization and Management  
    Prerequisite: none
  • ENTR 448 Healthcare Entrepreneurship 
    Prerequisite: none
  • MKTG 458 Healthcare Marketing 
    Prerequisite: none
  • ECON 422 Introduction to Health Economics 
    Prerequisite: ECON 300 or ECON 361
  • MGMT 428 Healthcare Consulting 
    Prerequisite: none
  • MGMT 475 (must be specific section related to Healthcare Consulting)
    Prerequisite: none
  • MIS 406 Healthcare Information Systems 
    Prerequisite: none

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