Aaron Meyer

Eller MBA Alumni

Evening MBA

Originally hailing from the Cornhusker State, I’ve ventured across the West and am now calling Arizona home. I love Arizona for the weather, diversity, progressive economy and our local community in the Chandler/Gilbert area. Arizona has been a great place to raise our young family and focus on my professional career.

I was born in a small Nebraska town, raised to appreciate hard work and value education. After graduating from the University of Nebraska, I relocated to Denver, starting my career within the sales leadership team at Coca- Cola. After 4 years and 5 positions later, I decided to broaden my FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) base and expand into macro snacks. I accepted a position with PepsiCo – Frito Lay which led to advancing my career in Phoenix. After 4 years with Frito Lay, I joined Red Bull, leading the sales and distribution team. During my tenure with Red Bull, I held positions within distribution leadership, key account management and key account leadership. Currently I am working with Sazerac, the largest volume spirit supplier in the industry.

I aways knew I wanted to attend graduate school, but had to find the right program at the right university. I wanted the program to allow me the flexibility of focusing on my professional career while starting a family. The Eller MBA Program was a perfect fit for several reasons. The program offered great networking opportunities with other professionals across diverse fields. The classes were challenging and engaging, which led to immediate implementation and application in my professional career. In today’s business environment, it is not what you know, it is how you are able to critically think, build solutions, create tactics, drive strategy, execute and follow through. The Eller Program assisted in developing key skill sets that added value cross functionally. The education and key learnings I received within the Eller Program continually drive ongoing value.

Speaking from a lifetime learner’s prospective, the Eller MBA Program sets itself apart through great faculty and challenging curriculum. It’s a program that delivers on its commitments to build business acumen, cultivate strategy development, advance financial comprehension and sharpen negotiation skills.

Please feel free to reach out and connect. I would be thrilled to share about my time during the evening MBA program, my professional experiences, or my general business/industry knowledge. I’m also open to simply chatting about how to successfully master your professional & personal life. Looking forward to connecting soon!