Allison S. Gabriel

McClelland Professor of Management and Organizations

University Distinguished Scholar

Allison S. Gabriel

McClelland Hall 405 FF
1130 E. Helen St. 
P.O. Box 210108 
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108

Areas of Expertise

  • Emotions at work
  • Employee recovery
  • Interpersonal stressors and relationships at work
  • Motivation
  • Employee well-being


PhD, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, University of Akron, 2013

M.A., Industrial-Organizational Psychology, University of Akron, 2010

B.A., Psychology (Honors, Highest Distinction), Psychology, Penn State University, 2008

Allison Gabriel joined the Eller College of Management in 2015 after serving as an Assistant Professor of Management in the School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University for two years. She earned her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2013 from the University of Akron, and her BA in Psychology in 2008 from Penn State University. Her research focuses on emotions at work, employee recovery, interpersonal work stressors, relationships at work, motivation, and employee well-being, and has resulted in several awards from the Academy of Management (AOM) and Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). For her teaching, she was selected by Poets and Quants as a Top Undergraduate Business School Professor in 2018. She currently serves as an Associate Editor at Journal of Applied Psychology.



  • MGMT 310A - Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 537 – Leadership in Healthcare
  • MGMT 621 / 622 – Human Resources Management
  • MGMT 629 / 630 – Employee Well-Being and Motivation


Selected Publications

(See CV for complete listing)

  • Gabriel, A.S., Butts, M.M., Chawla, N., da Motta Veiga, S.P., Turban, D.B., & Green, J.D. (In press). Feeling positive, negative, or both? Examining the self-regulatory benefits of emotional ambivalence. Organization Science.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Lanaj, K., & Jennings, R.E. (In press). Is one the loneliest number? The adaptive and maladaptive consequences of leader loneliness at work. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Ganster, M.L., Gabriel, A.S., Rosen, C.C., Simon, L.S., Butts, M.M., & Boswell, W.R. (In press). Retreating or repairing? Examining the alternate linkages between daily partner-instigated incivility at home and helping at work. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • MacGowan, R.L., Gabriel, A.S., da Motta Veiga, S.P., & Chawla, N. (In press). Does psychological detachment benefit job seekers? A two study weekly investigation. Journal of Applied Psychology.
  • Gabriel, A.S. MacGowan, R.L., Ganster, M.L., & Slaughter, J.E. (2021). The influence of COVID-induced job search anxiety and conspiracy beliefs on job search effort: A within-person investigation. Journal of Applied Psychology106, 657-673.
  • Chawla, N., MacGowan, R.L., Gabriel, A.S., & Podsakoff, N.P. (2020). Unplugging or staying connected? Examining the nature, antecedents, and consequences of profiles of daily recovery experiences. Journal of Applied Psychology105, 19-39.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Koopman, J., Rosen, C.C., Arnold, J.D., & Hochwarter, W.A. (2020). Are coworkers getting into the act? An examination of emotion regulation in coworker exchanges. Journal of Applied Psychology105, 907-929.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Volpone, S.D., MacGowan, R.L., Butts, M.M., & Moran, C.M. (2020). When work and family blend together: Examining the daily experiences of breastfeeding mothers at work. Academy of Management Journal63, 1337-1369
  • Grandey, A.A., Gabriel, A.S., & King, E.B. (2020). Tackling taboo topics: A review of the Three Ms in working women’s lives. Journal of Management (Annual Review Issue), 46, 7-35.
  • Chawla, N., Gabriel, A.S., da Motta Veiga, S.P., & Slaughter, J.E. (2019). Does feedback matter for job search self-regulation? It depends on feedback quality. Personnel Psychology72, 513-541.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Podsakoff, N.P., Beal, D.J., Scott, B.A., Sonnentag, S., Trougakos, J.P., & Butts, M.M. (2019). Experience sampling methods: A discussion of critical trends and considerations for scholarly advancement. Organizational Research Methods22, 969-1006.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Butts, M.M., Yuan, Z., Rosen, R.L., & Sliter, M.T. (2018). Further understanding incivility in the workplace: The effects of gender, agency, and communion. Journal of Applied Psychology, 103, 362-382.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Campbell, J.T., Djurdjevic, E., Johnson, R.E., & Rosen, C.C. (2018). Fuzzy profiles: Comparing and contrasting latent profile analysis and fuzzy set analysis for person-centered research. Organizational Research Methods (Special Issue on Person-Centered Methodologies in the Organizational Sciences), 21, 877-904.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Koopman, J., Rosen, C.C., & Johnson, R.E. (2018). Helping others or helping oneself? An episodic examination of the behavioral consequences of helping at work. Personnel Psychology71, 85-107.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Diefendorff, J.M., Bennett, A.A., & Sloan, M.D. (2017). It’s about time: The promise of continuous rating assessments for the organizational sciences. Organizational Research Methods20, 32-60.
  • Bennett, A.A., Gabriel, A.S., Calderwood, C., Dahling, J.J., & Trougakos, J.P. (2016). Better together? Examining profiles of employee recovery experiences. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101, 1635-1654.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Daniels, M.A., Diefendorff, J.M., & Greguras, G.J. (2015). Emotional labor actors: A latent profile analysis of emotional labor strategies. Journal of Applied Psychology100, 863-879.
  • Gabriel, A.S., & Diefendorff, J.M. (2015). Emotional labor dynamics: A momentary approach. Academy of Management Journal58, 1804-1825.
  • Grandey, A.A. & Gabriel, A.S. (2015). Emotional labor at a crossroads: Where do we go from here? Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior2, 323-349.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Diefendorff, J.M., Chandler, M.M., Moran, C.M., & Greguras, G.J. (2014). The dynamic relationships of work affect and job satisfaction with perceptions of fit. Personnel Psychology67, 389-420.
  • Gabriel, A.S., Diefendorff, J.M., & Erickson, R.J. (2011). The relations of daily task accomplishment satisfaction with changes in affect: A multilevel study in nurses. Journal of Applied Psychology96, 1095-1104.


Editorial Work and Service to the Field

  • Journal of Applied Psychology – Associate Editor (2020 – Present)
  • Academy of Management Journal – Editorial Board (2021 – Present)
  • Journal of Business and Psychology – Editorial Board (2014 – Present) 
  • Personnel Psychology – Editorial Board (2017 – Present)  
  • Journal of Applied Psychology - Editorial Board (2014 - 2020) 
  • Journal of Management – Editorial Board (2017 – 2020) 
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior – Editorial Board (2018 – 2019) 
  • Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology - Editorial Board (2013 - 2018) 
  • The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist – Editorial Board (2015 – 2018)
  • Academy of Management Human Resources Division Representative at Large (2017 – 2020)


Awards and Honors

  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award, 2022
  • University of Arizona Distinguished Scholar Award, 2021
  • Academy of Management Organizational Behavior Division Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award, 2021
  • Academy of Management Organizational Behavior Division Outstanding Publication in Organizational Behavior Award (Gabriel, Volpone, MacGowan, Butts, & Moran, Academy of Management Journal), 2021
  • Academy of Management Human Resources Division Scholarly Achievement Award (Grandey, Gabriel, & King, Journal of Management), 2021
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Distinguished Early Career Contributions-Science Award, 2021
  • Academy of Management Human Resources Division Early Career Award, 2020
  • Eller College of Management Kalt Prize for Doctoral Student Placement, 2020
  • Eller College of Management Dean’s Research Award for Associate Professors, 2020
  • Academy of Management Sage Publications/Research Methods Division/Lawrence R. James Early Career Achievement Award, 2019
  • AOM Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division Best Symposium Award (Chawla & Gabriel), 2019
  • Poets & Quants Top 50 Undergraduate Business School Professor, 2018 
  • Eller Online Business Administration Cohort Outstanding Faculty Award, 2018 
  • Eller College Student's Choice Award for Outstanding Faculty, 2018 
  • Western Academy of Management Ascendant Scholar Award, 2018 
  • Best Reviewer Award for Personnel Psychology, 2018 
  • Best Reviewer Award for Journal of Management, 2018 
  • Eller College Student's Choice Award for Outstanding Faculty, 2017 
  • Distinguished Honorary Member - National Society of Collegiate Scholars, 2017 
  • Eller College of Management Dean's Research Award for Assistant Professors, 2017 
  • AOM Organizational Behavior Division Outstanding Reviewer, 2017 
  • AOM Human Resources Division Showcase Symposium (Trougakos, Gabriel, Bennett, Dahling, & Calderwood), 2016 
  • Journal of Business and Psychology Editor Commendation Award (Gabriel, Acosta, & Grandey), 2015 
  • AOM Organizational Behavior Division Outstanding Reviewer, 2015 
  • SIOP Top Rated Poster Award (da Motta Veiga & Gabriel), 2015 
  • SIOP Top Rated Poster Award (Gabriel), 2015 
  • AOM Organizational Behavior Division Outstanding Reviewer, 2014 
  • SIOP Scholar, 2014 
  • SIOP S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award, 2014