Gabby Zamora

Eller MBA Ambassador


bachelor’s degree in mathematics, Arizona State University

“When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming.” Finding Nemo

A simple saying that I keep top of mind. If you are looking at this page, I am assuming you are thinking of pursing a graduate degree. When you have a deadline to meet at work and an assignment due, just keep swimming. When you have three attempts to take a quiz and the first two you bombed, just keep swimming. Life throws a curve ball at you, just keep swimming. You are here considering a graduate degree, that tells me you like a challenge. I do too, which is in part why I am pursing a Professional MBA from Eller College of Management.

Immediately after completing my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Arizona State University I thought I would never go back to school. I mean, I just got through some tough years, right?! After starting my career in insurance and landing awesome jobs like contract analyst and data steward, I was still wanting more. I strive to know more, and to be more. An MBA seemed like the right next step. Then I began the application process and after the interview, it was crystal clear that Eller was the right choice.

You will be a different person when you are done with your MBA program. I can say with full confidence, not even a full year into the Professional MBA program I have expanded my network, increased my knowledge, and added depth to my perspective. The cherry on top, being surrounded by such amazing people, professors, and Eller staff motivated me. A new fire was lit, and I made the bold move to switch up my career. Not only did I change my job, but industry as well. I am now a Regional Sales Manager for a startup tech company helping independent restaurants increase their revenue. I have found a job that allows me to explore all the great local restaurants and bars while challenging myself everyday – I am a lucky gal.

Send an email my way if you have questions about the Professional MBA program. I would love to answer questions you have. Oh yes and remember to just keep swimming.