Matthew Godfrey

Doctoral Candidate

McClelland Hall 320C

Areas of Expertise

  • Service Experiences
  • Retail Design
  • Human relationships with places and objects
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) data and analysis
  • Ethnography


Matt’s research focuses on consumer service experiences. He is particularly interested how physical places and objects shape the ways service providers and consumers interact with each other.

Matt’s dissertation research studies how paid, market-oriented activities conflict with and complement unpaid, community-oriented activities in mixed-use retail spaces. I outline the ways that service providers, managers, and consumers use physical spaces to shape patterns of activity over time. He also has research examining repair service experiences, which is currently a manuscript under advanced review at the Journal of Consumer Research. His research utilizes qualitative interview, ethnographic, and online research methods in conjunction with quantitative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and analyses.

Matt joined the doctoral program in 2014. He has presented his research at academic conferences in Europe and North America. Matt has also worked in business innovation consulting and residential energy efficiency, and has interned for several business and non-profit organizations. 



Godfrey, D. Matthew and Patrick Feng (2017), “Communicating Sustainability: Student Perceptions of a Behavior Change Campaign,” International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 18 (1), 2-22.

Working Papers:

Godfrey, D. Matthew, Linda L. Price, and Robert F. Lusch, “Repairing Disrupted Practices: Material Singularity and the Servicing of a Consumer Practice,” revising for invited 3rd round review at the Journal of Consumer Research.

Godfrey, D. Matthew and Melanie Wallendorf, “Settling and Unsettling Space: Value Co-creation and the Dynamics of Servicescape Culture,” dissertation essay 1; draft completed; preparing for submission to the Journal of Consumer Research.

Godfrey, D. Matthew and Linda L. Price, “Institutional Change in Marketing Service Systems: Persistence and Reinvention Following Market Disruption,” data collection completed; conducting analysis and preparing draft for Journal of Marketing.

Other Papers:

Wallendorf, M. & Godfrey, D. Matthew, (2016), Food accessibility in southern Arizona: Mapping the growth, trajectory, and market base of Tucson farmers' markets, MAP Dashboard, Whitepaper funded by The Eller Economic & Business Research Center. Available at:

 Recent Conference Presentations (See CV for Full List):

Godfrey, D.M.& Wallendorf, M. (2017). Representations of space: methodological tensions in spatial consumer research. Paper accepted for presentation in a special session in October 2017 at the Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, California.

Godfrey, D.M., Lusch, R.F. & Price, L.L. (2017). Ambiguity, Ambivalence and Fragility in Human-Object Relationships. Paper accepted for presentation in a special session in October 2017 at the Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, California.

Godfrey, D. Matthew & Melanie Wallendorf (2017). Negotiated retail servicescapes: 
Social interaction and regulation of ownership in ambiguous spaces. 
Paper presented in a special session in July 2017 at the Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Anaheim, California.

Godfrey, D. Matthew, Robert F. Lusch, & Linda L. Price (2017). Institutional change in market(ing) systems: examining marketing organizations, functions, and channel structures from a system perspective. Paper presented in a special session in February 2017 at the Winter American Marketing Association Conference, Orlando, Florida.

Other Research Projects:

“The Persistence of Choice Architecture: Preference and Choice Carryover Effects of Nudge Heavy-Handedness”

  • Co-authors: Rory Waisman (University of Alberta), Gerald Häubl (University of Alberta) & Benedict Dellaert (Erasmus University)
  • Methods: Experimental design (lab and online)

Academic Awards & Recognition

  • AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow (2018)
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (2016-2019)
  • Making Action Possible Dashboard White Paper Grant, Economic & Business Research Center, University of Arizona (2016)
  • University Fellows Award, University of Arizona (2014-2015)
  • Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada (2013-2014)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship, Government of the Province of Alberta (2013)


  • Interests: Services marketing, retail management, consumer behavior, advertising and integrated marketing communications, new product development
  • Experience: Marketing Principals (Instructor), Consumer Behavior (Teaching Assistant), Integrated Marketing Communications (Teaching Assistant), Social Media (Guest Lecturer)