Matthew Farmer

Doctoral Candidate

McClelland Hall 320C

Areas of Expertise

  • Nostalgia
  • Narrative transportation
  • Emotions in marketing
  • Goal failure
  • Hedonic editing


Matt studies how emotions influence consumer perceptions and choice processes. In particular, he has expertise in how emotions impact narrative persuasion, the emotional impact of goal failure, and how feelings of nostalgia can affect behavior. Matt has been a PhD student since 2016 and has since presented both a poster and a competitive paper at the ACR conference in San Diego. Before his PhD program, Matt was a senior marketing specialist at FedEx, where he was a project manager on the development of new products.

Current Projects

  • with Jesper H. Nielsen. Moved by Fear: Exploring Affect as a Driver of Narrative Transportation. Manuscript in progress.
  • with Jennifer Savary. Death by a Thousand Cuts: How Temporal Framing of Goal Failures Can Affect Goal Reengagement. Data collection in progress.
  • with Caleb Warren. How Historical Nostalgia Affects Consumer Preferences. Data collection in progress.

Conference Presentations

  • Farmer, Matthew (presenter) and Jesper H. Nielsen, “Moved by Fear: Exploring Affect as a Driver of Narrative Transportation,” competitive paper presented at Association for Consumer Research Conference, San Diego, CA, October 2017.