Zhiping Kyle Mao

Second Year PhD Student

  1. Undergraduate: 
    1. Received two bachelor’s (Finance and Management and Organizational Behaviors) degrees from Tippie College of Business from University of Iowa.
  2. Graduate:
    1. Received Master of Science in Finance degree from Eli Broad College of Business from Michigan State University. 
  3. Scholarships and awards:
    1. Graduated with highest honor and was named Top 1% outstanding undergraduate student for the graduating class of 2017 from University of Iowa.
    2. University of Iowa President’s List (6 times)
    3. University of Iowa undergraduate scholarship
    4. University of Iowa Business college scholarship
    5. Sue Cannon Scholarship for Outstanding business students.
    6. Graduated with honor from Michigan State University
    7. Eli Broad College of Business Finance Department Scholarship award.
  4. Teaching experience: have taught Introduction to Financial Accounting, Introduction to Financial Management, Investment Management.
  5. Research experience: worked with multiple professors on a variety of finance and accounting research before joining the program.
  6. Personal Interest:
    Cooking and baking--Opened my first restaurant in China when I was 18. Opened my second restaurant in 2014. Sold both of them before joining the program.
  7. Completed two bachelor degrees and a master degree in a total of four years while managing two restaurants remotely).
  8. Area of Interesting: Experimental Economics / Managerial Accounting research